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  • Violent BLM Mob Attack Rural High School, Vandalize Campus And BLOCK Entrance To Students


    The Black Lives Matter mob have shown time and again that they will target anyone of any age with their violent protest. On Monday morning rural Bigfoot High School in rural Wisconsin woke up to a BLM assault on their school. The Black Lives Matter mob teepeed the school grounds and blocked the entrance to the high […] More

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  • CHAOS: Watch D.C. Police Form Protective Wall To Save Rand Paul And Wife From Massive BLM Gang!


    Washington — A crowd of protesters surrounded U.S. Sen. Rand Paul as he was leaving the White House following the Republican National Convention early Friday, shouting for the lawmaker from Kentucky to acknowledge the shooting of Breonna Taylor. Video posted on social media showed dozens of people confronting Paul and his wife, who were flanked by Metro Police, in […] More

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