WATCH: BLM Block Residential Street In Minnesota, Keeping Man From Getting To His Home — Police Arrive And Arrest HIM!

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After the Derek Chauvin verdict Black Lives Matter protesters moved from the city and in to the suburbs. Taking a page from their own playbook, a BLM mob barricaded a residential street, blocking access to residents to their own homes. What happened next was captured on video.

A man in a small SUV pulled up to the group and asked them to move, when they refused he jumped out of his car and yelled, “I live here! I f**king live there!” He was immediately approached and intimidated by the crowd.

“I live here!”, he continued to assert. But a large man in the group got in his face and shouted, “I don’t give a f**k!”

The protester then pushes the man and the man pushes back and the crowd grows hostile.

What happens next is incredible.

Police officers arrive at the scene. They don’t clear the street and allow the man to get to his home. No, instead, they arrest the homeowner.

What’s even more infuriating is, after the man was arrested, the BLM mob thanked the police for arresting the homeowner so that they could continue to block street and harass other homeowners.

Video shows the group later marching through the neighborhood, yelling at homeowners through a bullhorn to come out of their houses.

Great job, Minnesota. BLM now owns you.

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