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WATCH: BLM Thugs Attack Woman In Wheelchair Who Tried To Stop Them From Looting — MSM Defend Looters, Call Her ‘Racist’

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Disturbing video has emerged of a woman in a wheelchair being viciously attacked by a large group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis as she attempted to stop them from looting a Target store. Mainstream media outlets, of course, scrambled to defend the looters as victims.

Numerous videos posted on Twitter show the woman being pummeled and sprayed in the face by a mob as she sits in her chair.

The footage, which was also shared by conservative writer Andy Ngô, shows one of the people spraying her with a fire extinguisher and throwing objects at her.

The woman — who was wearing a shirt that read, “Better Together” — said she was trying to stop people from looting a Target store when she was set upon by the violent crowd.

“They punched me in the mouth, my head … I got punched in the head several times. I got grabbed from behind … They stole my keys. They stole everything they could off of me. I got Maced in the face, I got covered in fire extinguisher.”

Jennifer later said she was seen by EMTs who told her to go home, but she remained at the chaotic scene and rebuffed a person’s offer to move her chair.

The looters, predictably, claimed that it was THEM, in fact, that were the victims of a violent assault.

BLM supporters rushed to claim that she had a knife and was the aggressor in the altercation.

But it’s clear from the video that, although she did wield a knife at one point, it was only AFTER she had already been attacked multiple times by multiple different people.

This didn’t matter to the mainstream media, however, who rushed to defend the looters and attack the woman as a racist.

Check out how one outlet reported it:

After the death of black man George Floyd, protests broke out in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a call for justice. People began looting stores and rioting due to their anger about the racism endured by the black community. But one woman was viciously attacking black people during the riots and tried to get off easy.

According to videos posted by the people who attended these protests, Jennifer blocked the door of a local Minneapolis Target while people were leaving with items that they looted. Knife in her hand, she specifically only began stabbing black people as they tried to leave the store. This demonstrated an act of racism during a time where the black community is already ailing from the losses of some unlawful racialized killings.

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