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WATCH: Angry BLM Mob Forces Restaurant To Close Because They Were Open On Malcolm X’s Birthday

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A Black Lives Matter mob in Brooklyn, New York, forced a restaurant to close yesterday because it dared to open on Malcolm X’s birthday:

“On Malcolm X’s birthday, a BLM group shut down a block of businesses in NY because it ‘insulted’ them for the businesses to be open on his Bday,” said Robby Starbuck, who posted the video on Twitter. This is how mob rule appears. “Horrible.”

That’s exactly what the ringleader of the BLM mob said in the video, that they had put businesses on notice and that it was offensive that they were open on his birthday. Which was yesterday, by the way. They were apparently going business by business and doing this in the area near Malcolm X BLVD in Brooklyn.

What the heck is happening to New York? We’ve got Palestinians throwing firebombs at Jews and now a mob of BLMers forcing businesses to shut down. It’s no wonder people are fleeing the city. I’d get the hell out of there too if I were them.



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