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WATCH: BLM Mob Threatens Diners At NYC Restaurant After Chauvin Conviction, Tells White People To ‘Get Out Of New York’

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Despite the verdict of guilty in the Eric Chauvin case, attacks and protests continued. Joe Biden didn’t help matters by coming out with a statement immediately after the verdict in the Minneapolis trial. Instead of speaking of healing, he stirred the pot of racial strife.

Black Lives Matter thugs were filmed by Eric Thomas, threatening white diners by telling them to “get the f–k out of New York.” They also targeted the restaurant owners while the crowd chanted in approval.

The crowd yelled, “we don’t want you here,” and the restaurant diners just watched silently. When will Americans push back on this extremist behavior?

The mob is emboldened and will not stop until they destroy this country. The more Americans give in to this mob rule, the more they will keep pushing to extremes.

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