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  • Obama Wants to be Giving Away the Internet…to America’s Enemies!

    President Obama wants to relinquish control of  ICANN, the international non-profit that controls domain naming rights for internet domains, and if he does, this will give Russia and China the opening they need to seize control themselves. When one considers that Obama has through-out his tenure not opposed numerous important international concerns, such as: China, […] More

  • Hillary Lies…again

    In her interview with Matt Lauer of CBS, Hillary yesterday lied again about her use of emails for State Department business, parsing her words carefully, so she could maybe technically say she DIDN’T lie, but in reality, she did. What she said was there were no emails with classified headers (last night, 9/7/2016), but what […] More

  • Indicting Hillary: Trying Clinton in the Court of Public Opinion

    Point 1:  Jame Comey as Director of the federal Bureau of Investigation had a duty to investigate the situation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private  server to use on her official State Department business.  He did so.  During his investigation, he received testimony from Huma Weiner, that stated Hillary used a private server to […] More

  • Brexit: Calamity or a Blessing?

    The lead-up to the vote for or against the British Exit from the European Union, or Brexit vote, was one of dire predictions and prognostications of disaster, upheaval, and warnings that Britain would pay an awful, economic price for its audacity. After the initial move in June, 2016, we saw a quick drop in the […] More

  • Armed America: A brief History of Gun Control, and it’s Dangers

    Prior to the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934, there were almost no Federal regulations of firearms, at all.  The NFA put in regulations that effected automatic weapons, short-barreled rifles (SBR’s), and short barreled shotguns (shotties as they are called today, colloquially called saw-off shotguns), and suppressors (known by the public as “silencers).  There were […] More