Indicting Hillary: Trying Clinton in the Court of Public Opinion

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Point 1:  Jame Comey as Director of the federal Bureau of Investigation had a duty to investigate the situation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private  server to use on her official State Department business.  He did so.  During his investigation, he received testimony from Huma Weiner, that stated Hillary used a private server to avoid any Freedom f Information Act FOIA requests and over-sight from Congress and others (as did Huma and Cheryl Mills, and one must ask to what ends were they using Hilary’s email server???).  The was widely reported by political investigative reporter, Steven Hayes.  Hillary did this knowing full well it was not allowed.  Clinton made arguments that Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice did the same, but they did not.  Once again, Hillary lies by mixing apples and oranges.  General Powell and Secretary Rice both made sure that all communications over unsecure lines were of a general nature and had no operational dangers.  Hillary had teams of State employees removing classified markings from emails so she would have the usual plausible deniability.


Point 2: During the Tuesday 5 July 2016 statement made by Director Comey, the director went to great lengths to outline a clear case against Hillary Clinton, and yet at the end he said he had no real reason to indict.  Director Comey also said that even though he was not going to indict Hillary, that was not to say someone else who committed a similar security breach would also not be indicted and tried in court.  In essence, what the director was saying is that the law while it applies to us regular citizens, will not be applied to Hillary Clinton.


It should be noted that prior to Hillary Clinton giving the final interview with the FBI in the criminal investigation, her husband, Bill Clinton, met with Loretta Lynch privately on the DOJ jet, while on the tarmac in Phoenix.  Both said they were talking just about golf and grandkids.  Yeah, right.  Then Hillary goes in for her interview.  Tuesday, in his press conference, Director Comey says they will not recommend charges.


Of course all the usual corruptniks are now saying “See!  See!  Nothing to see here, move along, move along!”


What is NOT being talked about, is the dog that did not bark.  Through their public life, when ever the Clintons have had accusations made against then, and their were many, as their administration was the most troublesome until our present one, they always made noise and screamed about The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, enemies they had, and how awful the Republicans were.  This time, they were mostly silent, even smug.


Yeah, that non-barking dog is an indicator.  And indicator that the Clintons and their media friends already knew.  The fix was in.





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