Crooked Clinton Foundation CEO ADMITS That Foundation Is CORRUPT on National TV

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Today The CEO Of The Clinton Foundation, Donna Shalala, Admitted That Large Donors To The Foundation Received Special Treatment At Clinton’s State Department

Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor:
“It speaks volumes that the Clinton Foundation’s CEO would casually admit on national television that its donors received access and ‘courtesy appointments’ at Hillary Clinton’s State Department. This is emblematic of the corrupt pay-to-play culture Hillary Clinton and those in her orbit bring to the table, where it so pervasive it is actually uncontroversial to those involved. This is why a special prosecutor needs to be appointed to independently investigate the growing evidence of corruption between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department while Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary of state.”

Full Transcript:

DONALD TRUMP (CLIP): “It’s called pay for play. Over and over and over people who donated to the Clinton Foundation or gave money to Bill Clinton got favorable treatment from Hillary Clinton’s State Department.”

NBC’S ANDREA MITCHELL: “True or false?”

PRESIDENT AND CEO OF THE CLINTON FOUNDATION DONNA SHALALA: “First of all there is no question there were phone calls made to get appointments for people but Mohammad Yunus, a Nobel Laureate. Melinda Gates? These are people any Secretary of State would have seen, courtesy appointments.”

MITCHELL: “What about business people?”

SHALALA: “There were also business people. No question. I don’t see evidence that there was policy decisions made as a result of that other than courtesy appointments. And people in public life are used to doing that kind of — making courtesy appointments for people. I certainly did it as Secretary with requests from Republicans in Congress so I don’t find it unusual. We have to be careful that it’s not linked to policy decisions as opposed to simply seeing prominent people that ask for appointments.”

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