Hillary Lies…again

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In her interview with Matt Lauer of CBS, Hillary yesterday lied again about her use of emails for State Department business, parsing her words carefully, so she could maybe technically say she DIDN’T lie, but in reality, she did.
What she said was there were no emails with classified headers (last night, 9/7/2016), but what she said to the wholly discredited FBI, is that she sent no classified emails, period. This itself is actionable by the FBI, but Mr Comey has shown he doesn’t want to be suicided by the Clinton Machine, and so has nipped and tucked the truth into little boxes mislabeled so as to make it look like he really did consider the facts, when in reality he did not. Hillary LIED to him and to the American people, both in her FBI interview and before Congress.


Hillary also instructed aides and State Department employees who were faxing and sending emails, to remove the headers and marking so they could go through her private email server, which according to the understanding she signed from her introductory briefing as she took office as Secretary of State, she understood was a serious violation of security protocols.  And yet Hillary Clinton stands before us almost daily saying she was not violating our national security, nor had any clue she was doing so if she did (two contradictory statements Hillary will make routinely, sometimes in the very same day).

I can only hope that the Congress, should Trump get elected, bring full and awful charges against her, for which a fair court should be able to easily convict her of numerous crimes.

It would be a great service of poetic justice, were Hillary to be imprisoned in a location with only herself and Hubby Bill, in adjoining cells and no visitors, other than their lying little daughter (possibly sired by Web Hubbel), who could visit from her side of th eprison. Maybe re-open Alcatraz just for them?

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