Obama Wants to be Giving Away the Internet…to America’s Enemies!

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President Obama wants to relinquish control of  ICANN, the international non-profit that controls domain naming rights for internet domains, and if he does, this will give Russia and China the opening they need to seize control themselves.

When one considers that Obama has through-out his tenure not opposed numerous important international concerns, such as:

China, when they built islands in disputed territory in the ocean near neighbors who have laid claim to that region of water, too.  Russia: Made incursions into Crimea and launched attacks on Ukraine.  This conflict is still on-going and Obama has done NADA. North Korea:  Their little dictator has been shooting off his missiles and threatening to make the USA a glowing hole in the ground…Obama’s Department of State and Pentagon do nothing to make Americans feel safer.


One has to wonder what his brilliant plan is for our internet, probably the only real place we as Americans are sort of still free.  He pushed Net Neutrality, which has put the screws upon providers in such a way as to be limiting content for users.  Why wouldn’t he want to make this thorn in his side harder for his opponents to harrasss him with?

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