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  • WATCH: Maxine Waters Tells Jim Jordan ‘Shut Your Mouth’ After He Asks Dr. Fauci To Say When Americans Can Get Their Liberty Back


    During a House subcommittee hearing Thursday, Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio demanded answers from White House medical advisor Anthony Fauci to basic questions about COVID restrictions, but was told he was ‘making the matter personal’, that he was ‘ranting’, and to ‘shut his mouth’. Jordan charged Fauci of flip flopping on restrictions such as masks […] More

  • Obama Wants to be Giving Away the Internet…to America’s Enemies!

    President Obama wants to relinquish control of  ICANN, the international non-profit that controls domain naming rights for internet domains, and if he does, this will give Russia and China the opening they need to seize control themselves. When one considers that Obama has through-out his tenure not opposed numerous important international concerns, such as: China, […] More