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Vetting Hillary; Why the Democratic Nominee Isn’t Qualified to be Our Next President

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Since the Main Stream Media is pretty much NOT doing it’s job, and the alternative media is being ignored, I figure it is time some one on the sidelines did some vetting Hillary and exposed what she has accomplished over the course of her life.

Starting in her College years, Hillary was involved in the Civil Rights struggle.  She was sent by Yale Law School, to monitor the trial of Black Panthers who were charged (and convicted) of torturing and killing a police informant.  She was looking for anything that could be used to over-turn their conviction on appeal.

After Law School, Hillary worked in Berkley, in a law firm that was employed by the Black Panthers, called Treuhaft, Walker, and Bernstein.  They were known for their Leftist ideology and support for activist groups associated with Communist radical Saul Alinsky.  She in fact wrote him in 1971 asking for the publication date for his Rules for Radicals, as she felt his older book Revelations for Radicals had been run dry, and she needed new material to thrown at people to indoctrinate them.

In her letters to Alinsky, Hillary, who turned down employment with him in 1969, in favor of attending Yale Law School,  wrote that she had survived law school with her Leftist ideology fully intact.  In fact, during her time in Yale Law School, Hillary received advice from Alinsky on college activism, so she could effectively indoctrinate fellow students during their formative years..

Below are the letters from Hillary to Alinsky, archived at the Industrial Arts Foundation, at UT-Austin:



After Law School, Hillary worked for the Watergate Committee.  Dan Calabrese as lead counsel for prosecution of Richard Nixon in Congress for Watergate, had Hillary on staff, and they had to fire her for her blatant disregard for the rules of law, as she tried to repeatedly deny Richard Nixon legal counsel during the investigation, and was know as a serial liar by all to whom she had contact.  Jerry Zeiffman, lifelong Democrat and her supervisor for the Committee, was the one who fired her, and when asked refused to write a letter of recommendation.  As quoted in a Fox News piece as to why:

“Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview… “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

So we can see that, early on, Hillary has actions that show that, to her, rules are something that do not apply to her, and that the ends of promoting a Communist agenda trumps ethical behaviors.

Her time in the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock, AR is no different.  There, Hillary was a the Leftist influence on Bill Clinton, continually pulling him away from his more Centrist leanings.  She also instigated the partnership with the  McDugals, in the Whitewater scam, whereby they bilked elderly couples out of land and homes they sold them.  Essentially, the Whitewater Development provided mortgages for elderly clients  to a very attractive community, itself called Whitewater.  If under the terms of the mortgage, a property holder missed one payment, the ownership of the property reverted back to Whitewater Development Corporation, ready to be sold yet again to another mark.  It was there in Little Rock that Hillary also became the protector of Bill’s job, using all manner of dirty tricks to ruin the reputations of victims of Bill’s sexual depredations.  She also practiced law at the Rose Law Firm, where she defended a pedophile rapist, and destroyed the life of a 12 year old girl, and got the predator off (and laughed about it), by creating the perception that the 12 year old had sexual fantasies about older men.  And yet Hillary claims to be a champion of women.

Then came her time under her husband’s administration.  As soon as she got to DC, she fired (unjustly it was ruled) the entire White House Travel Office.  She replaced all there with hand-picked people from her friends list.  Unfortunately for her, she lost that case in court.

Then there was the FBI file case, where they got sent to them, illegally, a pile of files on public figures from the FBI (remember, Hoover kept investigative files on every one).  When they were told that was illegal to do, they claimed they couldn’t find the files, and a long drawn out game of hide and seek ensured.  Suddenly, after almost two years missing, the files were found on the edge of a table on the East Wing!  One has to wonder if these files were employed during the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton, as the Whole Senate voted 100-0 (a vote count that Never has happened before or since) to not hear testimony, or hear evidence,  just a quick acquittal vote of 100-0.

During this time there were also many more scandals involving women, which came about because of the investigation into Bill Clinton’s impeachment for perjury.  In all of the cases of Bills victims, before the White House and after they got to DC, Hillary was instrumental in destroying any woman who dared level a charge.   She was merciless.  Her minions, like James Carville, who claimed of Paula Jones, “It is amazing what you can turn up if you drag a $100 bill through a trailer park” assisted, and Hillary would routinely claim they were just White Trash looking for fame.  Or in the case of Kathleen Willey, who had just lost her husband to cancer and was assaulted and groped IN THE WHITE HOUSE by Bill, she just remained silent, and the media pretended it did not happen.  So it too went away.


Hillary as a Senator was a lady who was unremarkable, and while would lend her name to bills, really championed nothing remarkable, but did get numerous donations to the Clinton Global Initiative, a 501 (c)3 organization they founded after Bill’s Presidency, in part it is assumed, for her influencing bills covertly.  This practice followed her to her more recent gig, when as Secretary of State, Hillary got large donations from Goldman Sachs, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and many other financial and national interests, all of which received favorable treatment from the Department of State and the US Government.  The most troubling being the Uranium One corporation, which was owned by a friend of the Clintons, but was bought by Russia, and was allowed to purchase American Uranium, making Russia the largest purveyor of uranium in the world, and creating a very big security issue, as Russia also sells uranium to client states, like Iran.

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