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  • Obama Failed and More Police Suffer

    A petition to label the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist group was sent two weeks after its creation with a 141,425 signatures to the White House. This petition is in response to the actions and killings of police officers and violent rallies around the country. The White House responded, ” The White House plays […] More

  • All Lives Matter: Bring an End to Tyranny

      President Barack Obama is continuing to destroy this country through dividing us due to race. It wasn’t enough that he has been destroying it by “muslimifying” our country, and forcing immigrants into this country without being properly vetted. Now to add to the more  horrific choices to ruin America, he has backed certain movements […] More

  • Domestic Terror Attack on Dallas Police Officers

    Last night on July 7, 2016, a Black Lives Matter protest against police was interrupted by a domestic terrorist attack. Seven officers were shot, two civilians were injured, and five officers lost their lives to two snipers from a second story parking garage. The BLM movement was protesting police heavy handedness in regards to two […] More

  • Accountability Starts at the Top

      So it’s been several hours since FBI Director James Comey recommended no charges be brought against Presumptive Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton for her email scandal lovingly being referred to as “email gate.” Let’s face it folks, our justice system has let us down. She has violated many federal laws in regards to her treatment of […] More

  • BREAKING: Romanian Clinton Email Hacker, Guccifer, Found Dead in Jail Cell

      Amazingly after FBI Director James Comey makes his “recommendation” that Hillary Clinton not be prosecuted in her “email gate” scandal, a key Romanian hacker was found dead that evening. Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar Lehel, also known as Guccifer, openly admitted in online statements and interviews that he accessed Clinton’s personal servers. He stated “that […] More

  • FBI Director Comey Lacks Fortitude To Prosecute Hillary Clinton

    FBI director James Comey spoke about the investigation into the Hillary Clinton email Scandal. It was on Fox News Live, where he stated a three point presentation over the investigation. His first was what the FBI did in regards to her email content, second was to determine her culpability, and third was their recommendation to […] More

  • Obama’s Administration is Removing Freedom of Speech

    The Obama administration is attempting to remove our rights to freedom of speech, along with the second amendment if it discusses Muslims in any negative format. U.S. Attorney for Idaho, Wendy J.Olson,  is threatening to arrest anyone who discusses this. The five year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho who was allegedly sexually assaulted by […] More