Obama Failed and More Police Suffer

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A petition to label the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist group was sent two weeks after its creation with a 141,425 signatures to the White House. This petition is in response to the actions and killings of police officers and violent rallies around the country.

The White House responded, ” The White House plays no role in designating domestic terror organizations.” That’s exactly what needs to be done. Pres. Obama has created many executive orders, and is over the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, but cannot designate a hateful racist group as a terrorist group. That’s complete malarkey.

The real reason he doesn’t designate this group as terrorism is because he supports the group. He is using the violence and hatred from the BLM movement, and ISIS migrants to attempt to establish martial law. He is dividing this country, and hurting the citizens so he can take full control.

The police officers of this nation should not be targeted for this injustice. In his speech at the Dallas Memorial for the five slain officers, he blamed it on “white people, cops, racism, and gun control.” He never once called out the black groups like BLM, New Black Panthers, Black Power Party or any of the Islamic terrorists that has hit other cities. No…no…no he blamed us…the citizens of this country for their actions.

Well I’ve had enough. It’s time to stand up against these groups and support our police officers. Obama and his henchmen will no longer attack and separate us. We need to stand up in the face of the terrorism and push back. So the next time you see an officer of the law…wave, give a hug, tell them you support them. Let the police know we are on their sides, and not on the side of killing them.

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