All Lives Matter: Bring an End to Tyranny

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President Barack Obama is continuing to destroy this country through dividing us due to race. It wasn’t enough that he has been destroying it by “muslimifying” our country, and forcing immigrants into this country without being properly vetted.

FB_IMG_1468021349881Now to add to the more  horrific choices to ruin America, he has backed certain movements that attempt to separate the country further. The Black Lives Matter movement started by bringing to light how African Americans are more likely to be mistreated by police. Where the movement has validity in its insurrection, the violence that has occurred by the movement only puts a target on everyone’s back. Obama has come out 14 times against the police, and has backed police and white destruction. The problem is he doesn’t care about the BLM movement, the New Black Panther Party, the Black Power Party, or any other party that is against injustices perpetrated on their races.

Obama and his cronies are only “supporting” police now because it continues to draw attention away from what he is doing to the country. He is lining up behind those parties, Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson in their hatred because it keeps the limelight off of him.

Here are some reals truths. At the NATO conference in Warsaw, Poland, many countries have been calling for his impeachment due to treason. They don’t like what he is trying to force on Argentina or Egypt. He has been trying to force countries to sell enriched uranium and heavy water to terrorist countries. He is attempting to destroy the world for his own benefit, and the New World Order.

We as Americans need to stop segregating ourselves based on race. By separating ourselves, we are distracted from what’s really going on. This has allowed Hillary to get away with her email scandal, and thousands of immigrants who hate America to be placed among us.

I’m calling for a cease to the groups of Black Lives Matter. Every life in this country matters, and it is only together that we can thrive and stop the government officials from ruining this great nation. We need to band together, and keep Obama and Hillary from doing further harm.

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