FBI Director Comey Lacks Fortitude To Prosecute Hillary Clinton

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FBI director James Comey spoke about the investigation into the Hillary Clinton email Scandal. It was on Fox News Live, where he stated a three point presentation over the investigation. His first was what the FBI did in regards to her email content, second was to determine her culpability, and third was their recommendation to the DOJ.

From the beginning he stated two statutes that could be prosecuted under. Either she intentionally misdirected her email exchange, and left the country vulnerable, or she did it through extreme negligence. This also includes her staff, and anyone else who the emails were sent to or responded from. He made it clear that those who were apart of certain chains, “had the responsibility to protect the government, even if the email was not labeled classified if the information deemed so.”

He then clearly stated that she and her staff were negligent on more than seven email chains that were deemed top secret, and over twelve that were just classified. He also stated that her emails were hacked into that were not on a protected server. Yet again showing her complete lack of caring how information was sent, responded to, or stored.

The worst part was when he stated that “no reasonable person would bring charges against her.” Here’s the deal…he stated that she could be brought up on charges due to negligence. They clearly found negligence. Yet here she is getting away with it. What does the country, and the DOJ need to finally do their jobs? She is guilty, and has been busted with her hand in the cookie jar.

So it seems that the protection of our government falls on the masses. The FBI isn’t protecting us, and neither is the DOJ….they are nothing but monitors. This country doesn’t need a monitor!! This country needs a legal system with the testicular fortitude to stand up for what’s right.

The government needs an overhaul, we are no longer America the great, America the free, and America the brave. We are a shell of our former selves. Our fore father’s are rolling in their graves, knowing that the country they fought for has turned into a freedom-less hell for the people of this once great nation. FBI Director James Comey, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch should step down for someone else to take their places who can stand against pressure or bribes from government officials. America needs to get back on track, and Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted for her crimes. Let’s end the rigging of our system.

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