WATCH: Megyn Kelly Reveals Her Son’s School Taught Young Kids About Puberty Blockers And Getting Their Genitals ‘Chopped Off’

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Under a new experimental transgender education program, Megyn Kelly revealed on her podcast that her son’s school actually educated young boys about puberty blockers and getting their genitals ‘chopped off’.

Kelly reported that third-grade boys were being taught about puberty blockers and that their genitals could be “chopped off” to make them girls.

“OK, so they unleashed a three-week experimental transgender education program on our boys,” Kelly said during The Megyn Kelly Show podcast on Tuesday.

Kelly spoke with Rhode Island middle school teacher Ramona Bessinger who said she was suspended without pay after speaking out against transgender and racial agendas pushed within her school district.

Kelly told an anecdote from a meeting she went to for her son’s school in which one parent brought up an alarming incident.

“One of our fellow parents, a man, raised his hand and said, ‘Why did my son come home’ — these are third graders, 8- and 9-year-olds — ‘Why did my son come home and asks if it’s true that he can take a pill to prevent puberty , and then, when he turns 18, he can have his penis chopped off if he wants to become a woman?’” Kelly recounted.

She continued, questioning if teachers should be allowed to push such extreme topics onto young children.

“There are things that are inappropriate to discuss with children, certainly third graders, as it was in our case, and teenagers down the line for all sorts of reasons,” she said.

Kelly says she and her husband chose the all boys school because it was a top school more traditional and wasn’t a far left school. “But it is now,” she adds.

Clearly. This is absolutely appalling stuff to discuss with anyone, especially children in elementary school. It’s downright evil if you ask me.


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