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WATCH: Gov DeSantis Makes Announcement That Proves He Cares More About His Citizens Than Any Other Gov

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Time and time again Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proven that he truly cares about the freedom and wellbeing of the people in his state and that he will fight for their freedom and wellbeing.

Today he made an announcement that further solidifies his case for best governor.

DeSantis announced that he is calling the legislature in Florida back for a special session next month where he will ask them to protect the jobs of Floridians from these unconscionable vaccine mandates:

In the video below, DeSantis reveals that Florida is not only fighting these mandates with a special legislative session, but adds that he’s also planning lawsuits to fight these in court:

DeSantis said he would have made these mandates a priority in the last legislative session but he didn’t think the mandates would be as big of a problem as they’ve become. He calls out the obvious flip-flopping of both Biden and Fauci on mandates:

This is what I love about DeSantis. He is every bit the fighter that this country needs and I can’t wait until he’s in the Oval Office one day.



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