Biden Admin Goes Full Fascist, Putting Conservative Talk Show Host On No-Fly List Over His Political Views

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We have reached a turning point in American history. The Biden administration is fighting a war against Conservatives and using the power of the federal government against them.

It has been revealed that Pro-Trump Conservative talk show host, Nicholas J Fuentes, has been officially banned from flying on U.S. airlines by the United States Government TSA.

Fuentes, the host of the popular internet show, America First, had been planning to attend a press conference on Tuesday in Florida, with a number of other America First conservatives, but announced in a tweet that he was not even able to fly to Florida from his home in Chicago, due to being placed on a No Fly List.

He has not been charged with any crimes. One must assume that the reason can only be due to his political views.

This is frightening.

While American political activists are put on no-fly lists by the U.S. government, the Biden administration is easing travel restrictions for Chinese students. Chinese spies have historically abused the U.S. foreign students program to gain entry to the U.S.

The popular talk show host had risen to prominence due to his unwavering support of president Donald J Trump, something which he gained notoriety for from the usual suspects. Both Neo-conservatives, as well as Democrats decried Fuentes for his unabashedly pro-Christian views which he proudly voiced on his political talk show mon-fri.

The U.S. Government typically relies on private industry to silence its critics. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as banks and ride-sharing services have all taken part in overt political censorship of Trump’s supporters over the years, at an increasing rate. Though, now we see the U.S. government taking censorship a step further, by utilizing tax-payer funded agencies to silence its critics.

Nicholas Fuentes has been banned from YouTube, DLive, AirBnB, One frozen bank account, Facebook, Instagram, Coinbase, ALL major payment processors and every single airplane in the United States. All for legally protected speech.

This should come as a shock to anyone even remotely involved in political discussion. Democrats and Republicans should be concerned over their tax-dollars being put to use against their fellow citizens. Journalists should decry such blatant misuse of the U.S. government. Don’t hold your breath.

Foreign governments should take note at what the monster the U.S. government has become. While it has historically been somewhat of a household talking point in the U.S. to suggest the Chinese Government withholds freedom from political dissidents, or the assertion that countries in the Middle East simply hate Americans  due to our “freedoms”, it is quickly becoming apparent that these so-called “freedoms” that set the U.S. apart from the rest of the world are simply a figment of our collective imaginations, and that the days of “freedom” in the U.S. are quickly coming to a halt.

While lockdowns rage on, vaccination passports become mandatory for international travel and while political dissent is met with swift and sever punishment, the U.S. government continues its death spiral into an Orwellian dictatorship as journalists, politicians and average uninformed citizens cheer it on.

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