Propaganda: A Kenosha Rioter’s Photo Was Edited By A Wisconsin Newspaper To Remove Gun He Was Holding

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Man there is propaganda and then there is PROPAGANDA. But this right here? It’s both. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has been a major media player this last year, what with the rioting and the Kenosha self-defense case and being Minnesota-adjacent.

Like all major media save Fox, they toe the “mostly peaceful” line precisely. They fear retribution otherwise. And they just got hard core BUSTED doing it dishonestly.

The original story on Howard is from January. See how easily they get away with this stuff?

You have to understand that this is constant. They do it for everything they write. From photo selection to photo cropping, from choosing which things to front page and which to back page. It’s an all out, 24-7 effort in the MSM.

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