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Democrats Are Sweating Bullets After New Poll From Battleground Congressional Districts Spells Doom For 2022

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There is renewed hope that America may soon be saved from Nancy Pelosi’s reign of terror according to a new poll showing that the Democrats are likely to lose control of the House Of Representatives next year.

Despite losing seats in November’s elections, Pelosi has doubled down on extremism with her entire caucus unified behind pushing through Joe Biden’s radical agenda. This agenda includes D.C. statehood, new voting laws that will imperial election integrity, sweeping new “domestic terrorism” legislation that would unleash the government on Trump supporters and the illegal immigration disaster.

Those positions do not have support according to the survey conducted by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) that shows that Pelosi is by far the most unpopular politician in the country and her party is widely despised.

According to a memo released by NRCC, voters in “ticket-splitting” districts that went for Trump; “Democrats in these districts are going to have an uphill battle defending their decisions to vote in lockstep with Pelosi’s socialist agenda.”

There is also the matter of the Democrats’ support of the violent race riots that have terrorized Americans most recently seen when Rep. Maxine Waters traveled to Minneapolis to encourage rioting and looting right before the verdict in the George Floyd murder trial and Rep. Rashida Tlab’s call for eliminating the police who she accused of engaging in “government funded’ murder.

The poll was conducted across 85 battleground congressional districts also finds that: a majority “do not believe that President Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus is helping them and their family,” that most “do not believe the Democrats’ false promises that Biden’s proposed tax increases will just be on the wealthy,” and that “an overwhelming 75 percent “of voters see the border situation as a crisis or a major problem.”

There is also much skepticism over Biden’s out-of-control spending, much of it driven by his big  “infrastructure” bill that is less about repairing roads and bridges and more about far-left social engineering, race-based giveaways, and Green New Deal priorities like electric cars.

Further adding to Democrats’ woes is the coming loss of House seats in California, New York, and other blue states due to the U.S. Census Bureau’s announcement that population shifts out of the party’s strongholds have resulted in residents fleeing for freer and safer destinations.

For the first time ever, Pelosi’s home state has lost a seat. And while it won’t officially shift until after the midterm elections, it marks a trend as California has increasingly become a dystopian, authoritarian hellscape due to decades of ruinous Democrat rule. People are voting with their feet and are leaving in droves to relocate to free states like Florida and Texas which will both get more House seats.

Democrats are going to have a hard time generating the same kind of voter enthusiasm as they did in 2018 and 2020. That could lead to them facing a bloodbath next year that ends Pelosi’s era of legislative terrorism and banishes them from power for a good long time.

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