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  • Bye Bye, Privacy! New Airport Screenings Are Coming in 2018, and No One Is Happy

    Airports are already a source of extreme frustration for travelers, especially when it comes to TSA checkpoints. Now, they’re ready to get even more invasive, as airports will begin using facial recognition software at check-ins. From Conservative Tribune: The new security system takes a scan of every visa holder’s face in order to match it […] More

  • ‘Fight For $15’ To Hit Airports – Will Your Airline Costs Increase Next?

    The fight for a $15 minimum wage will strike America’s airports Tuesday, as low wage workers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and 18 other airports plan to demonstrate. O’Hare’s airplane cabin cleaners, baggage handlers, wheelchair attendants and janitors are not unionized, but the Service Employees International Union assisted low-wage employees in organizing a strike on behalf of the […] More