WATCH: Liz Warren Organizer Goes BERSERK On Transgender And Its Hurting Fauxcahontas!

This is pretty great. Project Veritas got video of a Liz Warren field organizer angrily cursing out the transgender cause because it was burying the campaign.

Wow. From the Blaze:

“At the end of the day if we’re gonna prioritize pronouns over making sure people have a decent standard of living, that’s wrong,” Warren campaign Iowa field organizer Angel Alicea said in a video published Monday by Project Veritas.

Alicea is referencing a relatively recent emphasis on the use of people’s chosen pronouns, rather than assuming the pronoun of their biological gender. “When you come from where I come from, no one gives a f*** about a godd**n pronoun. They want to know how you’re gonna create a job.”

And more:

“I’m like here for the pronoun thing, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to say ‘he/him/his,” Alicea said. “Like shouldn’t it just be implied? … Like I’ve been called out for saying something like that, but this is why we lose elections, because we’re zeroing in on s*** like that.”

O’Keefe was smart to release this now. Warren is on the ropes and if she doesn’t do well in Iowa, it could knock out her campaign completely. And that could help out Bernie immensely…


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