Democrats Have Eroded All Trust In The System, Biden Attacks Credibility Of Iowa Caucus Results

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The meltdown of the Democrat portion of the Iowa Caucuses last night due to the phone app developed by Hillary Clinton alumni has provided a great deal of comic relief. At this point we don’t know whether the app was simply too complicated for Democrat precinct staff to manage, or if the app was simply a massive grift carried out in best Clinton style which was never going to work, or if there was deliberate sabotage to deprive Bernie Sanders or #MayorCheat of momentum.

Regardless of the genesis, there is one candidate making hay: Joe Biden.

His Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director Kay Bedingfield has been on MSNBC and CNN hinting that the process may not be trustworthy.

We have real concerns about the integrity of the process. I think there were significant failures in the process last night that should give voters concern.

And the campaign has further amplified the concerns in their original letter.

Biden was very worried about finishing in second or third place. Given the fact that Biden has spent so much time in Iowa that he’s eligible to vote there, this would have been a massive humiliation. If the internal Sanders numbers are correct, Biden finished a sad, sad fourth place:

Joe Biden's Campaign Attacks the Credibility of the Iowa Caucus Results as a Survival Strategy

Sanders is considered the upcoming New Hampshire primary and if Sanders finished fourth in Iowa (by the way why did the Des Moines register mysteriously suppress its highly touted poll? Was it really because of pressure from the Biden camp and the DNC to not give Sanders a following wind going into the caucuses?), then his campaign would be effectively over before he ever got to his alleged ‘firewall’ in South Carolina.

While it is abundantly clear that the alleged phone app used in Iowa was not ready for prime time, given the overabundance of former Clinton staffers involved this is not a shock…the shock would have been it actually working…there is no reason to think that the Iowa Democrats will not be able to come up with plausible results. Biden desperately needs to hide this failure, or minimize it ahead of New Hampshire primary. The easiest way, the best way, for him to do this is by casting doubt on the integrity of the vote. Unfortunately, in this environment, that is exactly the worst thing that Biden could do. But, just like in Ukraine, Biden is putting is own personal welfare ahead of both country and party.

Via RedState

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