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Is Hillary On Her Death Bed? #HillaryHealth Trending on Twitter

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Despite attempts by Hillary supporters like the Washington Post and Twitter itself to squash it, the hashtag #HillaryHealth was (unlike the aging Clinton) doing well.

Apparently concern for Clinton’s medical status has been piqued by several episodes of her seeming to lose her train of thought and actually freeze up.   Conservative blogs such as The Gateway Pundit have also noticed attendants for Clinton dressed as Secret Service Agents  but filling more of a medical role ://

Both the Washington Post and CNN (well known for being left leaning news outlets) have done their best to discredit these reports with Infowars reporting that “CNN is attempting to dismiss questions about Hillary Clinton’s health by asserting that photos which appear to show her struggling to climb some steps are old and merely show the aftermath of her slipping.”

The Washington Post was even more defensive of the less than healthy Clinton, directly attacking the Twitter hashtag in their headline “Armed with junk science and old photos, critics question #HillarysHealth”

According to many Twitter users once the hashtag #HillarysHealth started trending (gathering more than 30,000 tweets) it was shut down by Twitter. Conservatives and others continued to tweet the hashtag, keeping it alive

If Clinton’s health is in fact in decline, it would be extremely newsworthy. Her failing health could further call into question her qualifications to be Our next President

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