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  • Hillary Faints At 9/11 Memorial!!! Pneumonia or Parkinsons?

    Hillary has been showing a lot of severe health issue over the past several months such as her frequent coughing fits, showing up late for appearances, the sudden freeze as she’s speaking before an audience, bulging eyes, tremors when several people pose a question to her at once, frequent head nodding, forgetfulness, falling  and now […] More

  • Shocking New Poll: 86% Think Hillary Should DROP OUT of the Presidential Race

    A shocking new poll released today is very bad news for Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.  Although it’s unlikely that she will step down, it shows the Democratic party voters are extremely unhappy with her as their nominee. In a MSNBC Online poll, after 5,837 votes, an incredible 86% agree that Hillary Clinton should drop […] More

  • Democrats Plan Emergency Meeting In Attempt To Replace Hillary Clinton on Ticket

    According to reports from Left-wing journalist David Shuster, the DNC is planning an emergency meeting to discuss the possibility of replacing Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket. Shuster reported the news based on conversations with Democratic operatives. According the tweets by Shuster, the DNC is concerned over both the lack of transparency with Clinton’s health along with […] More

  • Pro-Clinton CNN Cancels Dr. Drew After He Questions Hillary’s Health

    HLN, a sister network of the pro-Hillary network CNN, has cancelled Dr. Drew Pinsky’s long-running show. The cancellation came just days after Dr. Drew said he was “gravely concerned” about the health of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during a radio interview with Doug McIntyre. “The fact is, she released her medical records some time ago,” Dr. […] More

  • Is Hillary On Her Death Bed? #HillaryHealth Trending on Twitter

    Despite attempts by Hillary supporters like the Washington Post and Twitter itself to squash it, the hashtag #HillaryHealth was (unlike the aging Clinton) doing well. Apparently concern for Clinton’s medical status has been piqued by several episodes of her seeming to lose her train of thought and actually freeze up.   Conservative blogs such as The […] More