Democrat Propaganda Has African Americans Believing They Are Free

Malcolm X Denounces Democrats
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By Dominick Mezzapesa

The Bernie-bots with their #FeeltheBern, #NeverHillary and #BernieorBust hastags, for months blustered across social media with how the Bernie movement was the real, “Life-changing” and it was going to transform America forever.

Even after losing the last primary in California Bernie declared he was never given, so his Bernie-bots shouldn’t either, so he asked for more money to take the fight to the convention… and the Liberal and Progressive suckers bought it hook, line and sinker.

After months of indoctrination in the wonderful world of socialism, the zealots world came crashing down when they saw Bernie smiling and giving googly eyes to Hillary Clinton as he gave his loving endorsement to her candidacy.

I am here to tell you, don’t feel bad for Bernie-Bots, every democrat deserves what they get because they are born suckers for believing in a party filled with criminals, racists and hypocrites.

For the past 60 years the African Americans have been and continue to be hoodwinked by the Dems. They’re so blinded to facts, they actually believed the party who fought tooth-and-nail against giving them freedom and civil rights is actually fighting for them.

Since the Republicans voted unanimously to grant all African Americans their much deserved civil rights in 1964, things have not gone well for their race.

The Democrats will scream from the highest mountaintop how the evil GOP empire is holding down the black man. They will stand on their soap box and plead for all African American to listen to how only the democrats feel compassion for the black man.

African Americans are so brainwashed if you even consider voting for a Republican you are immediately labeled a coon, Uncle Tom and you will be declared, a traitor to your own race.

Of course, since the democrats took on the role of loving father to their subjugated “Super-predator” African Americans, the Democrats have only one goal for our nation’s blacks and that is “Status Quo.”

If the Democrats had not kept the status quo from 1964 till now, blacks would have been far better off socially, economically and without a doubt there would be far less blacks incarcerated.

It goes without saying that if the African American people did not buy into the Democratic propaganda hook, line and sinker there would have been no reason for the Black Lives Matter movement to come into existence.

It was not the Republicans who labeled African Americans as “Super-Predators.” In the early 90’s the Democrats, Hillary and her philandering husband Bill Clinton desperately wanted to bring blacks to heel, so they created a crime bill that not only returned blacks to the back of the bus… but, threw them under it as well.

In this, 2016 election, Hillary and Bernie both have been preaching how the black man is being incarcerated unjustly. Completely ignoring that it was their party’s bill, along with Hillary’s enthusiastic, pom-pom waving, support that lead to all those unjust incarcerations.

In eight years with an African American as President, two of which the Democrats controlled the house and senate, the Democrats have done nothing to reform this travesty of justice that Bill “The first Black President” did to their race. Amazingly and without shame they are campaigning on “Elect us and we will reform that terrible and unjust crime bill”

When confronted with the fact that the Dems created this mess, they will claim that it’s the GOP obstructionist who are delaying any reform. But, the truth is, for the first time in God only knows how long, the Republicans are fully on board with judicial reform and more specifically, doing away with the mandatory minimum sentencing laws.

Since the first Republican President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, the Democrats have done everything they could do to keep their slave-master status over African Americans. From creating the KKK, to decades later giving them just enough civil rights to feel like African Americans actually won something.

Since the civil rights act became law the Democrats have worked hard, behind the scenes to keep blacks at heel. They quickly created a nanny state for blacks and with their socialist support programs, they were now able to control blacks economically. To keep their population in check, the Dems took up the mantle of abortion and a woman’s right to choose. With the Dems controlling blacks economically they had no doubt any young black woman would choose abortion rather than raise a child under such tight economic restraints.

Behind closed doors, the Democrats are ecstatic that today more African Americans babies are being aborted than are being born.

The real shame is African Americans don’t even realize that they are just as much a slave now, as they were before President Lincoln gave them their freedom.

It is a fact that the Democrats only acknowledge their subjugated children every four years when they need their vote to win a Presidential election, if Hillary wins on November 8th, then on November 9th she will denounce the BLM movement as a terror group and once again bring African Americans to heel.

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