Did Cop-Hate Contribute to Kansas City Shooting?

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In the wake of deadly cop shootings, the shooting in Kansas City was tragic and has been officially classified as not a “hate crime”. However, could the cop-hate climate of the nation, particularly within the Black Lives Matter Movement, have played a part in the shooting of a Kansas City, Kansas officer last week?

The media coverage and social media predominance of hate-speak and outrage over cop involved shootings makes it impossible for people to escape the momentum of calls for justice or even senseless retaliation. The public is bombarded with this constantly. Isn’t it possible that the suspect in the Kansas City shooting took that extra step in firing his gun because of the fleeting feeling that maybe he might be justified in pulling the trigger? Is there a chance the media played a role in the killing of a cop?

Accountability of putting words into the cyber or broadcast world is nil. Psychologically speaking, the concept of group-think or mob mentality takes people to a different level. Acting under the guise of what might be believed to be a good cause, people all too often do things beyond their moral compass in the name of the cause. Escalation is a natural part of social movements. While it may be well intended in the beginning, there is always the risk of emotion and passion combined with adrenaline causing an unpredictable reaction out of seemingly predictable people.

Should media outlets be held responsible for the unintended consequences of articles like this one, “Black Lives Matter needs more than social media activism”?  People like social blurbs and can misconstrue or misinterpret messages in skimming headlines. Is it possible that someone in a precarious position with police hide behind this sort of headline and take the extra step when confronted by a cop?

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