#FreeMilo; Twitter Bans Gay Conservative Voice Milo Yiannopoulos

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Bad Milo… Now go to your room!

Twitter confirmed it has permanently banned Breitbart Tech editor and gay Conservative instigator Milo Yiannopoulos for allegedly violating its “hateful conduct policy”.

Milo has been suspended from Twitter before, so tonight’s suspension may or may not be permanent?

Milo and Twitter have been at odds for years, with Milo getting temporarily suspended in the wake of the Orlando shooting.

What Caused The Latest (Permanent?) Ban
This most recent ordeal began when Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones started getting harassed on Twitter over her God-awful movie.

Jones’ broke all the Troll rules on Twitter

  • “NEVER ENGAGE THE TROLLS” it only encourages them to send more tweets, and believe me they can get creative with Google Pictures.
  • “It’s a joke…SO LAUGH OR GET OFF” While most of the troll pictures and comments can actually be funny, some are racist and mean… But, if you are on twitter, guess what, take it like a man or STFU.
  • “NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOU WHINE” No one really cares about your hurt feelings or your pretend outrage. Sure you’ll get some ass kissing bitches who want you to answer so they can think their special, but for the most part all it does is tell the trolls to keep on…keeping on.

As the Twitter trolls were having their fun at the embattled Ghostbusters stars expense, Milo jumped into the fray.

For the record, I could not capture or see any pictures that Milo sent but I am pretty sure they weren’t close to the racist ones that I had seen on Jones’s account.
This is what I found on her account and it’s not bad and in truth if you follow Milo for any amount of time, it’s normal Milo tweeting.


He hates feminist who acts all tough, demanding shit because their women’s outrage expects it, but if you engage any pretend feminist then they cry and start screaming misogynist, racist or gay slurs at you.

I respect Milo not because he is a gay conservative, but because he is a gay conservative who takes it up the ass and never says a word… And I don’t mean that in a sexual way…Even if he does take it up his ass… LMFAO. Milo would get it, so no worries.

Check out some of his youtube videos when he makes a speech at a college. Milo gets his ass kicked up, down and sideways because God forbid he tells them what to do with their “safe-space.” So if Ms. Jones wants to hear some REAL “Hate Speech” she has some place to visit.

What’s worse Milo can’t simply turn off the screen, he sits there and takes it and barely says a word while there ranting their stupidity and, except to maybe to throw out a joke or two at the protesters expense, he follows the troll rules.

Their TWITS!
Twitter’s “hateful conduct policy” seems straight forward until you get to their policing of their policy. Here are some of their policy highlights that relate to this article.
Violent threats (direct or indirect): You may not make threats of violence, or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism.
Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. We also do not allow accounts whose primary purpose is inciting harm towards others on the basis of these categories.

Problem is, what Milo has said on many occasions is no where near the hate that is out there in Twitter land.

Normally I despise using “Their bad behavior to justify your bad behavior” but this isn’t about “Justifying” this is about Twitters targeting whomever they don’t believe is following their agenda.

Recently, there have been Police Officers who lost their lives and Black Lives Matter supporters have said some things that go far beyond “Hate Speech.” If Jones were so outraged because OMG someone created a meme with her and a gorilla… Try being a child who lost his dad and now seeing a drawing on twitter of a BLM jihadist slicing open a cop’s neck.


Twitter allows these morons to stay connected and what Milo says, at his worse, does not come close to these racist assholes.

I don’t object to Twitter banning Milo, what I object to is the double standard of allowing people to stay on, no matter what they post as long as they have the same “Liberal World Order” agenda as Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter.


It’s amazing that Dorsey took the time to contact Jones and I assume he placated her “Black, feminist” outrage telling her he will ban @nero (Milo).
If this indeed the case, so be it, if he wants to bow down to a whiny female chauvinist with her pretend outrage then he is the asshole not Milo.

No matter what was said to you, once you engage in the same hateful speech you are railing against your argument and your pretend outrage is null and void.

Jones in an effort, I assume to troll Milo (Never a good idea, you’ll lose) sent out a re-tweet from one of her minuscule number of fans and adding her own little tweet.

If things were indeed fair in Twitterland and Jack Dorsey (@Jack) was honest then he should have also suspended Jones as well. but of course he would then be a labeled a corporate racist according the Jones’s “guide of outraged feminist.”

As usual the panties-all-knotted-up-feminist can’t handle it and they end the night by sending out their “Pity-Me” last tweet of the night.


And just as usual, they never seem to delete their Twitter account because, after all, how would she ever see all eight “Please don’t leave, we love you” tweets from her adoring fan club, and heal her bruised and battered ego?

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