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  • This School Just Switched to ‘Africentric Math’ To Be More Appealing To Black Students…WTF?!


    A Canadian high school switched to “Africentric Math” to attract black students to go into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math(STEM) fields, according to Canadian Broadcasting’s(CBC) Wednesday report. From Daily Caller: Nova Scotia’s Auburn Drive High School math teachers are skipping their previous eurocentric approach to teaching mathematics so black students will gain more interest in the […] More

  • Democrat Propaganda Has African Americans Believing They Are Free

    Malcolm X Denounces Democrats

    By Dominick Mezzapesa The Bernie-bots with their #FeeltheBern, #NeverHillary and #BernieorBust hastags, for months blustered across social media with how the Bernie movement was the real, “Life-changing” and it was going to transform America forever. Even after losing the last primary in California Bernie declared he was never given, so his Bernie-bots shouldn’t either, […] More