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VIDEO: RACIST Hillary Clinton Calls Black Waiter The N-Word…Repeatedly

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A former travel chef in the Clinton White House is risking his own safety in order to expose Hillary Clinton as a racist. Those who cross the Clintons have been known to turn up dead under suspicious circumstances, which makes Chef Tracey Martin’s account of Hillary’s racist remarks all the more credible. Why would he risk his own well-being if this weren’t true?

On the Tom Bauerle show, Martin revealed that Hillary is not the friend to blacks she portrays herself as. In fact, behind closed doors, she has a penchant for dropping the N-word.

“I was doing an event at the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center in Washington, which is an HIV/AIDS clinic,” recalled Martin. “And I was doing a tea prior to the public press party, and that was with Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Chirac, Jacques Chirac the former president of France’s wife. And a gentleman of color came in with something and it did not please [Hillary] the way it was, and when he walked out, she says, ‘That…,’ and then she used the N-word.”

Martin said this wasn’t a one-off, either. The Clintons were known to make racist comments on a routine basis.

“They think nothing of it, because there’s no press around,” said Martin. “I mean, after you’ve been around them long enough, whether it be the Clintons or whether it be the Kennedys or whoever, once they feel comfortable with you, their guard is let down.”

Watch the video below to find out what happened to Martin just hours after giving the interview with Bauerle…


If you’ll recall, Martha Stewart nearly had her career completely ruined when reports surfaced that she had used the same word just once. But what will happen to Hillary? Probably nothing. The mainstream media doesn’t report stories like this. They’re too tied up with Donald Trump’s lewd comments about attractive women from 2005.

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(via: I Have The Truth)

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