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Obama Spends Almost $1B On Mosque Renovations, Ignores Needs of Military

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The United States government – U.S. taxpayers – have $770 million to spend on mosque renovation but the United States Marine Corps has about two-thirds of their fighter jets grounded because the Marine Corps doesn’t have money for parts.

The program that funds rebuilding mosques funnels money through the U.S. State Department’s USAID program. You’ve probably never heard about it because if flies under the radar. After all, it’s only $1 billion. It’s $1 billion in play money for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry to practice their “Smart Diplomacy.”

Why in the world would we spend nearly $1 billion to renovate mosques in the Middle East? First of all, there’s Barack Obama’s number one mission which is lifting up Islam in any way he possibly can. Obama and Hillary’s “Smart Diplomacy” have made a complete mess of the Middle East. Nobody but the Russians seem to care and Vladimir Putin is busily putting a big Russian footprint in the Middle East because of the complete stupidity of the Obama/Clinton foreign policy.

Then there’s the fact that Obama’s White House staff is loaded with pro-Islamic Muslims. When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State her number one advisor, Huma Abedin, is tied directly to the Muslim Brotherhood through her family. In addition to Huma, Obama has gone out of his way to point Muslim radicals to positions on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Let’s not forget that Obama has banned the use of the word terrorism from any and all government discussions or documents. He even went so far, when a radical Muslim Army chaplain – who was well known for his radical beliefs – murdered 24 people at Fort Hood while screaming “Allahu Akbar,” to call the slaughter “workplace violence.”

The political generals in the Army refused to fight that designation and the soldiers who were murdered were refused purple hearts, and their families were refused combat death benefits even though the attack was clearly a terrorist action in Islam’s war against the United States.

You can bet that if Hillary Clinton is elected on November 8 the Obama policies toward radical Muslim terrorists isn’t going to change. If anything it will accelerate.


Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism, and the New York Yankees have nothing to do with baseball.

Hillary’s number one ally in her inner circle is Huma Abedin and as we noted above, Abedin is linked through her family directly to the top levels of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Paul Ryan is been working his fingers to the bone along with Obama hundreds of thousands of undocumented Muslim “refugees” from the Middle East are relocated into peaceful neighborhoods in the U.S. You can bet your last dollar that if Hillary Clinton is elected president Ryan will continue his work to make sure that your neighborhood has its fair share of terrorists.

(via: Joe For America)

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