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  • Obama Spends Almost $1B On Mosque Renovations, Ignores Needs of Military

    The United States government – U.S. taxpayers – have $770 million to spend on mosque renovation but the United States Marine Corps has about two-thirds of their fighter jets grounded because the Marine Corps doesn’t have money for parts. The program that funds rebuilding mosques funnels money through the U.S. State Department’s USAID program. You’ve […] More

  • Republicans Try To Distance Themselves From Trump As He Calls For Surveillance Of Mosques

    Prominent Republicans this week distanced themselves from Trump’s comments about Muslims after the Orlando mass shooting. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday called for surveillance of mosques as part of U.S. law enforcement efforts to prevent terrorism, and stood by his remarks on banning Muslim immigrants that others in his party have criticized. […] More