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  • Wounded Vet Takes The Stage – The Story He Shares Makes President Trump BLUSH!


    President Trump was honoring Wounded Warriors Thursday when one man got on stage and told an amazing story about the first time he met Trump. The room erupted into laughter and applause. WATCH: “Thank you, Mr. President,” he said. “You know, I actually remember the first time meeting Mr. President, it happened to be at […] More

  • WOW! What This Wounded Vet Just Said After Hearing Trump’s Iran Decision Left The Room In TEARS

    President Trump struck a major blow against the 2015 Iran nuclear deal on Friday, decertifying Iran’s compliance with the deal and warning that he could withdraw from it entirely if Iran continues to act belligerently. As predicted, many on the left criticized the president’s address and actions, but one veteran got on Fox News Friday to defend him. […] More

  • Wounded Warrior DESTROYS Meryl Streep One Just One Photo

    By now you have no doubt seen or heard the rant against President-elect Donald Trump issued by liberal actress Meryl Streep while receiving a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes award show on Sunday. Liberal elites in Hollywood and the media have fallen all over themselves heralding Streep’s remarks as “courageous” and “brave” as she “spoke […] More