WOW! What This Wounded Vet Just Said After Hearing Trump’s Iran Decision Left The Room In TEARS

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President Trump struck a major blow against the 2015 Iran nuclear deal on Friday, decertifying Iran’s compliance with the deal and warning that he could withdraw from it entirely if Iran continues to act belligerently.

As predicted, many on the left criticized the president’s address and actions, but one veteran got on Fox News Friday to defend him. Retired Staff Sargeant Robert Bartlett, who currently serves as an adviser with United Against Nuclear Iran, was badly injured by an Iranian bomb while serving in Iraq. When he was asked about President Trump’s decision, he said something awesome:

That’s great to see that the American president is for the military.”

Then he slams Obama for his decision to sign the agreement in the first place:

“You know, President Barack Obama knew that at least 500 military members had been killed under the influence or hands of Iranians coming into Iraq.”

He continued to praise President Trump:

“And here this president is rolling back some of those bad policies that were basically going to get more Americans killed in the future. So, for me, it’s a great day.”

Check out his entire interview here:

It’s a great day for Sergeant Bartlett, and it’s a great day for the American people.

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