Wounded Warrior DESTROYS Meryl Streep One Just One Photo

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By now you have no doubt seen or heard the rant against President-elect Donald Trump issued by liberal actress Meryl Streep while receiving a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes award show on Sunday.

Liberal elites in Hollywood and the media have fallen all over themselves heralding Streep’s remarks as “courageous” and “brave” as she “spoke truth to power” by perpetuating already-debunked “fake news” and other such nonsense.

But we apparently have a different definition for what constitutes courage in the face of adversity, and it generally doesn’t include ill-informed wealthy actors spouting off about that which they don’t know while accepting feel-good awards and wearing ballgowns for one night that cost more than some working Americans make in an entire year.

Instead, our definition includes people like Iraq War veteran and wounded warrior J.R. Salzman, who took to Twitter after Streep’s speech to quip: “I too hope to one day be as courageous and selfless as Meryl Streep,” according to Twitchy.


A quick perusal of Salzman’s Twitter feed, as noted by BizPac Review, revealed that he suffered tremendously and nearly died after a vehicle he was traveling in in Iraq was virtually destroyed after being hit with an Iranian-made improvised explosive device just over 10 years ago.

Take a look:


Despite countless surgeries to repair the damage, Salzman still suffers from the devastating injuries he sustained, which included the loss of his right arm below the elbow, the utter destruction of his left hand, a traumatic brain injury, shrapnel wounds and other injuries.


Treatment is ongoing:


Nevertheless he has persevered through his recovery and has become quite active in outdoor sports as well as in advocating for much-needed and long-overdue reforms to the Department of Veterans Affairs, of which he has extensive hard-won knowledge.


True courage is exemplified by those who have sacrificed themselves in order to provide support and security for others. What exactly has Meryl Streep sacrificed, and whose lives has she supported and made better?

J.R. Salzman fits the definition for being courageous and brave, and his response to Streep’s self-serving anti-Trump rant is what is known in current parlance as a “mic drop.”


(via: Conservative Tribune)

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