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  • The Crazed Congresswoman Has Lost What’s Left Of Her Damned Mind


    What in the actual hell is wrong with Maxine Waters? A better question might very well be what is wrong with the people in her district who continually return this caricature of a Congresswoman to Washington? In what is best described as pandering on steroids, the wacky Waters made the very questionable decision to interject […] More

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  • HORRIFYING! Elderly Care Worker Confesses To Assisting In The Deaths Of 11 Trump Supporters!


    A person purporting to be a retirement home worker claimed in a Reddit post to have helped kill 11 people as revenge for them being Trump supporters. The user, who used the handle ‘LoveThisLife0101’, said that they refused to resuscitate, withdrew medicine and tampered with the food of elderly residents. The full message reads as […] More

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  • Reddit CEO Admits To Editing Users’ Pro-Trump Comments

    The CEO of, the underbelly of the internet, perhaps best know for their AMA (ask me anything) sessions with celebs, world leaders, and more, admitted that he edited comments that were posted pro-Trump, making it appear is if users were more left-leaning. If it happened on one of the most trafficked sites on the […] More

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