Reddit CEO Admits To Editing Users’ Pro-Trump Comments

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The CEO of, the underbelly of the internet, perhaps best know for their AMA (ask me anything) sessions with celebs, world leaders, and more, admitted that he edited comments that were posted pro-Trump, making it appear is if users were more left-leaning.

If it happened on one of the most trafficked sites on the web, where else could it have happened?

From HotAir:

Most of the social media attention in politics seems to focus on Facebook and Twitter (for obvious reasons) but Reddit has experienced its share of controversy and angst in 2016. I don’t tend to be a poster on the site, but I read a bunch of content there. (My favorite subreddit is this one, though decorum prevents me from typing out the name of it here.) As with most social media platforms there’s plenty of political action going on and Trump fans recently learned that the company’s CEO, Steve Huffman, had been going in and editing posts which which were critical of him and making them look as if they were actually critical of Trump supporters. Now that he’s been exposed, Huffman has a few regrets.

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