Liberal Monster Brags About Cremating His Father Against His Wishes, Desecrating His Ashes For Supporting Trump

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A Reddit user bragged about his decision to punish his father over his support for Trump by cremating his body against his wishes and then dumping his ashes in the garbage.

Yes, really.

“My Trump supporting father died on 10/18/2020,” states the post. “I was the estate executor, so I had him cremated against his wishes. I donated my 1/3 of the estate to Planned Parenthood. His ashes are sitting in the garage, and waiting for a proper garbage day.”

Imagine being so riddled with Trump Derangement Syndrome that you literally defy the dying wishes of your own father and then trash his remains just for some social media clout.

Truly disgusting.

Some respondents on Twitter felt the same, although many others openly expressed support for the behavior because the Dad may have been “racist.”

“So not supporting white supremacists is a bad thing now?” asked one.


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