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The Crazed Congresswoman Has Lost What’s Left Of Her Damned Mind

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What in the actual hell is wrong with Maxine Waters? A better question might very well be what is wrong with the people in her district who continually return this caricature of a Congresswoman to Washington?

In what is best described as pandering on steroids, the wacky Waters made the very questionable decision to interject herself into a traffic stop situation.

TMZ (really) covered the story in an article that described the deranged member of Congress as follows

Congresswoman Maxine Waters is like the Sheriff to the Sheriff, because she just happened on a traffic stop involving a black man and stopped to make sure cops stayed in line.

The legendary representative was driving in her district this weekend when she saw an L.A. County Sheriff patrol car. She saw the officers in the process of detaining a black man and that’s all the info she needed. MW hit the brakes and jumped out.

One has to wonder how an article describing someone like say Dan Crenshaw stopping to intervene in a traffic situation that involved a Caucasian detained by law enforcement would read. Suffice it to say, the language describing the incident wouldn’t be anywhere near as effusive as the language that was used by TMZ when describing Waters’ actions. Indeed, Crenshaw (or any other Caucasian member of Congress) would hardly be written up in a puff piece or referred to as the “Sheriff to the Sheriff” or called “legendary.”

As bad as TMZ’s take was (and it was pretty damned bad), it was hardly the hottest of the hot takes describing Water’s actions, one contributor on the discussion site Reddit offered up one of the hottest

Maxine Waters Is a Goddamn Superhero: Watch the California Representative Intervene During Police Stop

The “superhero” theme was echoed across liberal websites and blogs everywhere. Stephen Backer, Jr., writing in “The Root” presented readers with the identical headline

Maxine Waters Is a Goddamn Superhero: Watch the California Representative Intervene During Police Stop

Here is the “superhero” (heavy sarcasm intended) in action

Holy smokes!! It was hard to tell if that was good ol’ Maxine or Superman, Spiderman, Batgirl or some other caped crime fighter, isn’t it? Well, except for the fact that most superheroes tend to shy away from publicity, and few (if any) utilize their superhero powers to prop up a liberal (or any other) narrative, nor do they weld their superpowers to assist a specific race.

But we’re talking Maxine Waters here, and she made it abundantly clear that she stopped because a “Brother” had been pulled over. Apparently, that was the crime, enforcing that law against (cue pearl-clutching) a black motorist!!

See the source image

In one of the few articles that actually questioned the Congresswoman’s actions, Tom Tillison of bizpacreview discussed Water’s word choice on the video, specifically the use of the word “brother” and, in Tillison’s opinion

The remark suggests that had the driver been white, Watters would have cruised by unconcerned about any potential mistreatment by police.

The article continued stating that

At the same time, the controversial 81-year-old Democrat was clear about her disdain for law enforcement.

Disdain for law enforcement? Well, that hardly sounds superhero-like, don’t most superheroes actually like the police?

Unlike most articles, Tillison’s report attempts to uncover the rest of the story, and seeks answers to such questions as “How did Water’s show her disdain for the police?” he also addresses the elephant in the room, asking “What prompted the traffic stop, to begin with?”

Most U.S. based – oh hell, let’s call them “News organizations” didn’t concern themselves with what Paul Harvey used to refer to as “The rest of the story”, but Tillison kept digging until he found a source… a source in that was located in England

….it appears that Waters was more intent on harassing the police officers as they carry out their duty, according to the Daily Mail.

The British tabloid reported that a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office said the motorist was stopped as part of a burglary investigation early Friday.

Burglary investigation? Well that sounds serious

The department said Waters initially pulled her luxury SUV up to the traffic stop and began “yelling at the deputies.”

Wait, What?!?!? It seems as if the MSM here in America in their haste to bestow superhero status on Waters overlooked the burglary investigation (which is kind of what police are supposed to do) aspect of the traffic stop, and also appeared to miss the whole thing about Waters “yelling at the deputies.”

Well, that can’t be right, after all, there is no way the American news media would be in such a hurry to bestow superhero status in Waters that they would overlook the facts of the story, is there? If there was indeed a burglary investigation, isn’t interviewing suspects exactly what law enforcement personnel supposed to do?

It’s also inconceivable that our highly professional news organizations would overlook something like Waters “yelling at deputies”, right?

The Daily Mail article continued, informing us that

The congresswoman was told she was obstructing traffic and asked to pull over — the video above begins after she did so and was exiting the vehicle. After Waters finished jawing with her admirers, as the Democrat stood in a traffic lane, she is seen heading toward a deputy engaged in the stop

You can’t help but wonder if Waters is pandering in an attempt to distance herself from recent stories about her supporters burning flags outside of her office, or if it is possible that Waters perceives herself as a viable candidate for the “one heartbeat away from the Presidency” position that Joe Biden has assured his followers would go to a woman of color.

Maxine for president « Confederacy of Drones

As laughable as the idea might sound (and admittedly, it seems pretty ridiculous), is it? Despite Democrat’s insistence that they are an all-inclusive party with an inexhaustible supply of female POC candidates, the Democratic party is struggling to find a qualified one. Several names have been under consideration, but each has issues that cast doubt upon the likelihood of their selection. Some even have *gasp* law enforcement backgrounds, and as we all know in today’s political climate, that dog won’t hunt.

But would Maxine Waters help Americans if she was nominated and if (God forbid) the Democratic ticket wins in November? Well, many members of Maxine’s family are Americans, and history has shown us that she will undoubtedly help them. Other than Joe Biden himself, few politicians have demonstrated more love of nepotism than Maxine Waters. Both Biden and Waters dole out political appointments and favoritism as if they were handing out beads at Mardi Gras, and although Waters has not (as of yet) secured high paying board of director positions for her family, she has provided very lucrative envelope stuffing jobs.

It’s also important to avoid underestimating white liberal guilt which has been demonstrated by white liberals kneeling, apologizing, and (sadly) actually licking boots. These deranged individuals seem intent upon punishing themselves and what bigger punishment can anyone endure than being governed by Maxine Waters?

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Written by Patrick M. Arnold

Retired from the United States Army where he proudly served the country he loves. Still carrying on the fight against All of America’s enemies. Disgusted with the state of politics in our country and committed to changing us back to something recognizable as America. Find him on Twitter as @PatrickArnold77

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