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  • Why This Election is Much Scarier Than You Think

    “This election is more important than any other election in recent memory.” – Nearly every pundit in the year 2016, myself included. In an election cycle in which no two people seemingly agree on any matter, we can all agree on one particular maxim concerning the outcome of November 8th: the outcome of this election […] More

  • Dear Never Trumpers, It’s Over

    It is no secret that there are quite a number of people who do not exactly care for the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee: Donald Trump. In what will most certainly prove be one of the most negative presidential elections in our nation’s history, Mr. Trump appears to be attracting the brunt of voter hostility. Of […] More

  • The Hillary Email Scandal; A Young Conservative’s Take

    At this point in time- given the incessant media coverage- I am fairly certain that nearly the entirety of the American populace is aware of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. But for the sake of assurance, allow me to provide a brief summary of said scandal. Hillary Clinton, during her tenure as President Obama’s Secretary […] More