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The Hillary Email Scandal; A Young Conservative’s Take

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At this point in time- given the incessant media coverage- I am fairly certain that nearly the entirety of the American populace is aware of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. But for the sake of assurance, allow me to provide a brief summary of said scandal.

Hillary Clinton, during her tenure as President Obama’s Secretary of State, used a private email server in order to conduct her work-related affairs. For the majority of the population, this practice would not be a cause of much concern. However, Mrs. Clinton’s work related affairs include classified, top-secret government-related information, so there is a slight discrepancy here.
If you are unaware, the handling of government information through a non secure, non government-issued server is in direct violation of the law- 18 U.S.C Sec. 793(f) to be exact. Therefore, Mrs. Clinton’s actions made her subject to an FBI investigation in order to determine if an indictment was justifiable.

This past Tuesday, said FBI investigation was concluded. The director of the FBI, James Comey, conceded that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in her conducting of official State Department business. Comey also noted that of the emails sent/received on Clinton’s server, 110 of them- and 52 email chains- contained classified information. In addition, seven were determined to be of the utmost secrecy. Comey commented that “Secretary Clinton’s position, or in the position of those government employees with whom she was corresponding about these matters, should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation.”

This astonishing amassment of evidence would lead one to believe that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee would be well on her way to a courtroom as opposed to the Oval Office. However, despite all the evidence of her blatant gross negligence, Comey recommended no indictment for Mrs. Clinton. He stated that his conclusion is founded on the basis of a lack of malevolent intent.

FBI Director James Comey
FBI Director James Comey recommended against an indictment for Hillary Clinton.

Evidently, in order to break the law, one has to have the intention of causing harm. Ignorance of the law has never exempt one from guilt before. Perhaps Mrs. Clinton is just better than the rest of us.

Unlike her seemingly cult-like supporters, I vehemently condemn Mrs. Clinton’s actions- regardless of the political ideologies which I align myself with. Any reasonable individual, republican or democrat, can easily assess that Mrs. Clinton not only put our national security at risk and proceeded to lie about it, but she- along with her colleagues- clearly displayed their notion that they are simply more important than us. Personally, I consider it a national embarrassment that this contemptuous individual has been ordained to walk amongst us as a free woman.

To begin, Hillary Clinton’s utter disregard for her responsibilities as Secretary of State compromised the security of the United States. The use of a personal server- as opposed to a secure government server- causes the information which is being transmitted to be increasingly susceptible to hackers. In fact, Director Comey noted that it is likely that hostile foreign hackers were able to obtain some of these emails. As aforementioned, 110 of the emails on Clinton’s private server, along with 52 email chains.

I do not believe that Mrs. Clinton would intentionally put her own country’s security at risk. But, intent is not the measuring stick by which guilt is determined. I believe it to be a plausible notion that Mrs. Clinton was simply unaware of the standards by which she was required to abide by. However, that scenario does not placate my grievances in the least. Mrs. Clinton’s arrant disregard, her gross negligence, for her responsibilities exposes her for what she truly is: unfit for a position of power. Certainly, failure as Secretary of State is not a precursor for success as Commander in Chief.

Granted, seldom does a federal employee execute their duties with total infallibility. Mrs. Clinton irrefutably made a mistake in her conduct. But, rather than acknowledging her wrongdoings and accepting full responsibility, she lied. In fact, Mrs. Clinton has lied consistently in regards to her emails. She claimed that the content of the emails in question pertained to yoga classes and hair appointments. Also, Mrs. Clinton protested that no emails contained classified information. Evidently, 110 emails and 52 email chains equates to zero in Mrs. Clinton’s mind.

Secondly, to further establish the notion that Mrs. Clinton is a dishonest individual, there is the fact that she deleted thousands of emails before turning over the server for investigation. She effectively and deliberately impeded the possibility of a completely thorough investigation. I believe that this blatantly shows that she had something which she deemed necessary to conceal.
Time and time again throughout this ordeal, Mrs. Clinton has explicitly demonstrated an utter inability to tell the truth and be forthcoming with the American people. Perhaps I am naive, but I regard honesty and transparency as imperative characteristics. Especially when it concerns someone whom half the population wishes to be our next president.

Indeed, that is the reality which worries me the most. Hillary Clinton, despite all her deplorable actions (the emails is just scratching the surface), she is the leading candidate for the position of President. How is this so? The fact that so many Americans are planning on voting for her is a perfect indictment of the failures of the left side of the political spectrum.

There are two possible scenarios here: either Democrats are failing to recognize the criminality of their nominee, or they just do not care. I cannot decide which reality is worse.
On one hand, you have Democrats arguing that Mrs. Clinton was unaware of the law. That is a sound argument if one is protesting against the notion that Mrs. Clinton is an amoral person. However, those propagating this argument are conceding that their nominee is unfit in terms of responsibility to be our Commander in Chief.

On the other hand, there are Democrats who recognize what Mrs. Clinton has done, yet are supporting her in spite of it. They conjecture that Donald Trump is the worst conceivable candidate, yet they will be voting for a criminal. These Democrats will evidently do anything to perpetuate their liberal agenda. I am unable to create a metaphor to better illustrate this. The fact that they are fervently supporting a criminal, wanna-be tyrant in order to preclude a Republican President is just too good.

Hillary Clinton
Democrats will seemingly stop at nothing to ensure that they remain in control of the White House.

Disregarding any preconceived prejudices that I and my fellow conservatives have against Mrs. Clinton, one cannot argue against the fact that she objectively broke the law. Actually, from a technical standpoint, there numerous laws which were broken by Mrs. Clinton. But, in order to maintain brevity, I will focus on just one in particular. 18 U.S. C Sec. 793(f) explicitly prohibits the mishandling of sensitive matter pertaining to national defense. In other words, it is comical how perfectly Mrs. Clinton’s actions coincide with what she was not supposed to do.

Mrs. Clinton should be put in jail for compromising national security, let alone be permitted to run for the highest office in all the land. If it were not the FBI seemingly altering the law in order to take intent into consideration, Mrs. Clinton would undoubtedly be found guilty in a court of law. As a matter of fact, I am confident that if it were anyone aside from Mrs. Clinton in this situation, there would not be so much as a discussion as to whether they are guilty or not. But, as usual, Mrs. Clinton, along with her fellow Washington Elites, have ordained themselves to be above the law.
Unfortunately, that is the rather profound underlying reality here. Before our very eyes, we are witnessing the formation of the equivalent of a modern, American political dynasty.

One need look no further than the mainstream media’s news coverage. The mounting evidence of this conjecture is becoming painfully blatant. First, there is the postponement of the release of Mrs. Clinton’s email, so as not to debilitate her presidential campaign. Secondly, we have the current oligarchist-in-chief, President Obama, lauding about how incredibly “qualified” Mrs. Clinton is to be president (I suppose he expects us to simply forget about her inumerous failures as Secretary of State). Finally, just days before Director Comey’s announcement, Bill Clinton, Mrs. Clinton’s husband, had a completely surreptitious meeting with Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General. These happenings are the very epitome of dirty and corrupt politics. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate the inner-workings of our government from an episode of House of Cards or Game of Thrones.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch
Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton to supposedly discuss grandchildren. Common sense suggests otherwise.

I suppose that none of this should come as any surprise; I have long seen this coming. The Washington Elites, namely those standing amongst the Left, laugh at us average Americans. After all, that is all they consider us as, average; whereas they are the New World Order, for lack of a better term. Individuals such as they are arrantly narrcissistic in the respect that they will not rest until their influence has been concretely secured. This is why President Obama is doing everything in his power to ensure that Hillary Clinton, his progressive-ideological successor, will be elected as the next president. The possibility that his influence will end along with his time in office haunts him.

In the minds of those akin to the Obamas and Clintons, we are subordinate to them. They believe that the law is theirs to arbitrarily mend in accordance to their own convenience. Unfortunately, so many Americans have acquiesced to this. However, I for one will not concede to the notion that a government by the people and for the people is slowly slipping from our grasps. I believe in the people, not the government. I believe that one day, perhaps not election day of 2016, fervently believe that the oligarchists will be expunged from their positions of power. History has proven time and time again that the collective will of the people is the most powerful political force in this world. Mrs. Clinton, I can assure you that this time will be no different.

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