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Why This Election is Much Scarier Than You Think

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“This election is more important than any other election in recent memory.”

– Nearly every pundit in the year 2016, myself included.

In an election cycle in which no two people seemingly agree on any matter, we can all agree on one particular maxim concerning the outcome of November 8th: the outcome of this election matters. A lot. With unprecedented modern racial tensions, a staggering economy, declining global education standings, growing hostilities with Russia, Iran, and North Korea (not to mention China remaining ever-present in the background), grid-locking bipartisanship in our nation’s capitol, the expansion of ISIS, and the looming Supreme Court vacancies, our next President will undoubtedly make decisions that will forever alter the course of our country’s history.

But, we are all already painfully aware of these implications. No, I wish to call your attention upon a much more implicit, and insidious, matter. On November 8th, we will not simply be voting between a former Secretary of State and a real estate mogul. We effectively will be voting on whether or not we will continue our existence as a free-minded people.

What we have witnessed this election season is an utter molestation of the free press, a complete obstruction of the truth, and simply arrant lies. I really need not point to whom I am accusing.

But for those of you who have not kept up with this election, I am pointing my finger directly at Hillary

Nearly the entirety of the media is completely disregarding all of Clinton's wrongdoings.
Nearly the entirety of the media is completely disregarding all of Clinton’s wrongdoings.


Our supposedly “free” press has been entirely intertwined with the Clinton campaign throughout the entirety of this election cycle. One need look no further than recent releases from WikiLeaks. Clinton has been fed campaign questions, allowed control over articles written concerning her, and has had all negative reporting directed towards her opponent amid innumerous scandals. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party have utter control over nearly every media outlet in the country.

The reporting of news is meant to be as unbiased as possible. The people are meant to decide what opinions to formulate from the events the media reports. Instead, we have the media firmly taking a position in this election and feeding to their audience only news that benefits said position.

This occurrence is painfully evident. How much reporting has what Trump said eleven years ago received? How much reporting has the corruption and collusion that occurred during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State received? Which one objectively concerns one’s ability to ethically and effectively execute the highest office in the United States more?

Do not be mistaken, in no way do I condone Trump’s remarks. Quite honestly, I do not condone anything about Donald Trump aside from the fact that he is not Hillary Clinton.

In Hillary Clinton, we have a supercilious individual who thinks of the average American as the proverbial equivalent to dirt. We have someone who happily takes bribes from foreign nationals. We have someone who puts her job security over the security of the United States.

Essentially, in Hillary Clinton, we have a globalist elite who wishes to ensure the fall of the greatest Nation-State in the history of mankind in order to erect a global market- with her at its head. And our media is helping her every step of the way.

This corruption of the media is eerily reminiscent of the former Soviet Union- or any socialist regime for that matter. In fact, control of the media was a main component of Stalin’s ascension. If a people’s access to the objective truth is cut off, so too is their ability to protest and form independent opinions. These elements are the very pillars upon which our republic stands.

The only thing Clinton cares about is power- not America.
The only thing Clinton cares about is power- not America.

Of course, Hillary Clinton is not Joseph Stalin. And the modern United States is by no means pre Communist Russia. But as with dark periods in history, everything can typically be traced back to a single person or event.

On November 8th, we can choose to inhibit that person from ever gaining access to the power she so desperately desires.

Written by Harrison Knable

I am currently a junior at New Albany High School in New Albany, Indiana. In my home, I have always been raised in accordance to conservative values and Catholic beliefs. It saddens me to watch the direction in which my generation is heading towards, especially in regards to their political views. Therefore, I work to express conservative views unto my peers. In doing so, I hope that they can help me secure a better future for our country. In addition to writing, I also swim and run track for my school, as well as serving as student body president.

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