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Dear Never Trumpers, It’s Over

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It is no secret that there are quite a number of people who do not exactly care for the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee: Donald Trump. In what will most certainly prove be one of the most negative presidential elections in our nation’s history, Mr. Trump appears to be attracting the brunt of voter hostility. Of course, one would expect the other side- democrats- to not particularly praise Donald Trump and his ideas; I rather welcome the left’s disgruntledness. What is worrisome is the disapproval coming from Trump’s own party.

Said disapproval has been apparent throughout the entirety of this election cycle- even to the point where we saw an unprecedented alliance between Ted Cruz and John Kasich to try and force a brokered convention. There is a faction of republicans who do not view Trump as aligned with conservative principles and therefore refute him as their nominee. But, Trump has seemingly squandered all opposition en route to the the party’s nomination.

Donald Trump
Trump is the nominee. Get over it.

Yet, Trump’s GOP opponents had one last-ditch effort in order to unseat him as the nominee. Last Thursday night, the self-proclaimed “Never Trumpers” beset the RNC Rules Committee to vote on a proposition which would unbound the delegates from the candidate who won their district’s primary. This proposition failed miserably to the tune of 87 to 12.

Subsequently, the “Never Trump” movement is effectively over. Donald Trump is going to be the GOP presidential nominee.

Firstly, I would like to condemn this motion. The very thought of delegates attempting to take away the voters’ voice- the people’s voice- in order to conciliate their own disgruntlements is the possibly the most selfish and contemptuous act I have ever witnessed. Delegates have an obligation to speak on behalf of the people whom they represent. Whether they agree with said people bears no weight. Furthermore, it is undeniably ironic that republicans criticize democrats and their superdelegate system when these very same republicans wish to essentially replicate said system. Primaries are meant to be conducted at polling sites- not behind closed doors.

Secondly, allow me to be forthcoming in stating that Donald Trump was not my initial choice for the candidacy; I myself supported Cruz- that is, until he consented to a rather dishonorable alliance with Kasich. But my personal sentiments regarding Donald Trump are irrelevant in regards to the general election. Primaries serve the purpose of voting for the candidate whose ideology you most closely adhere to. The general election is about winning.

Also, speaking in respect to conservatives’ ideology, the incongruity which they claim to be propagated by Donald Trump has been largely placated. The basis of the Never Trumpers grievances is that Trump is not a true conservative. Well, Donald Trump’s VP choice- Mike Pence- irrefutably quells that argument. Mike Pence is the entirety of the conservative philosophy incarnate; he is as right-winged as they come.

Secondly, Mike Pence shores up Donald Trump’s lack of governmental experience. Mike Pence’s career as a congressman and Indiana’s governor has led to an amassment of knowledge concerning the manner in which our federal government operates. Said knowledge will prove indispensable to a Trump administration. What’s more, Pence’s nearly infallible record of conservative governing should appease those who who conject that Trump lacks the experience needed to serve as president.

Ultimately, Trump’s decision to appoint Mike Pence as his running mate was meant to reconcile his campaign with the conservatives who are reluctant to support him. Donald Trump could have just as easily chosen a VP who would have appealed to independents and moderate democrats. Instead, he unilaterally determined that conceding to the wishes of his party was of the utmost priority. He is evidently reaching out to the entirety of the republican party. The few holdouts must end their obstinacy.

Indeed, the only strategy which will ensure a republican in the White House come November is party unity. Donald Trump has soundly defeated sixteen qualified opponents, and has garnered the most primary votes of any republican presidential candidate ever. Whether you view Mr. Trump as ideal or not, it is irrefutable that he has won the republican nominating process.

Never Trumpers must concede that they have lost this fight. Furthermore, Never Trumpers must realize who the real enemy is: Hillary Clinton. A recent poll stated that 85% of Sanders’ supporters plan on voting for Hillary. The democrats are reaching party unity; I assure you, unless we do the same, we will be facing yet another term of Obama’s divisive regime.

However, Never Trumpers seemingly do not realize that Donald Trump is the only man capable of precluding a Hillary Clinton presidency. Either that, or they simply do not care. That notion is what befuddles and worries me the most; how can one claim to be a conservative when they are willing to stand idly by while Hillary Clinton marches towards the Oval Office? She is the very antithesis of everything the GOP represents.

Frankly, it is embarrassing that Hillary Clinton may conceivably be elected. She may have just recently wrestled the nomination away from Bernie Sanders, but we have known that Hillary would be the democratic nominee since the moment she lost to Obama. The GOP should have been far more prepared for this. Donald Trump’s ascension is a direct result of the incompetence of the GOP establishment.

Bill and Hillary Clinton
It is of the utmost importance to prevent another President Clinton

This election is about ensuring that another Clinton never sits at the desk in Oval Office again. This election is about preserving our second amendment rights. This election is about undoing the damage that was done unto our nation as a result of the Obama presidency. This election is not about selfishly clinging on to your own personal sentiments. You do not have to like Donald Trump. But you must come to grips with the reality that the presidency comes down to a binary choice. Donald Trump is not Hillary Clinton- that should be sufficient for any republican.

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