Republican Congressional Candidate Detained By Police After Asking Question To Disgraced Ex-FBI Director James Comey At Book Signing

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Former congressional candidate Laura Loomer was detained in Illinois yesterday after confronting former FBI director James Comey at his book signing. Loomer said:

“I was just ILLEGALLY DETAINED by Naperville police in Illinois after I confronted the former, criminal FBI Director James Comey at his book signing for his new crime novel!

“Comey left the stage after I confronted him about why a criminal is writing crime novels. Video coming soon!”

“It’s too bad I was escorted out and illegally detained by the police after asking @Comey my question.

“I really wanted to stay for the book signing and get my personalized books signed for my ‘friends husband’ Michael @GenFlynn, as in Michael Flynn and my dear uncle Roger, as in @RogerJStoneJr.

“Maybe next time!”

“I find it ironic that a real-life criminal is now writing crime novels instead of spending time in prison for conspiring against a sitting US president,” Loomer told the Gateway Pundit.

“But I guess it takes a criminal to know a criminal.”

“Perhaps it is more of a manifesto than a novel.”

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