Scientists Are Warning That Global Warming Will Soon Release ‘Zombie Viruses’ On The World

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So-called experts are now warning that the risk of deadly viruses are ‘bound to increase’ as permafrost thawing accelerates due to global warming.

Six Zombie viruses, according to reports, have already been found in mammoth wool, Siberian mummies, ancient wolves, and even the lungs of an influenza sufferer buried in Alaska’s permafrost.

Even worse, it seems like there will be more to come.

The Mail Online reports: An international team of researchers from institutions in Russia, Germany and France warns that ‘the risk of ancient viral particles remaining infectious’ has been underestimated.

Worse, these scientists now believe that ‘the risk is bound to increase in the context of global warming, in which permafrost thawing will keep accelerating,’ unleashing some diseases that had been trapped in the ice since prehistoric times.

The team — which includes experts in genomics, microbiology and geoscience, some of whom have been tracking these resurrected ‘zombie’ viruses for nearly a decade — published their findings in the journal Viruses last February.

Below are six long-frozen microbes that scientists have unearthed from the permafrost’s quickly melting fossil record.


In the late 1990s, Swedish pathologist Dr. Johan V. Hultin found a cache of 1918 Influenza virus RNA in the lungs of a woman slain by the virus nearly 80 years prior.

Dr. Hultin had been searching intentionally for Influenza samples that could help medical researchers better understand how to fight future pandemics.

But his discovery was an early indication of just how easily deadly viruses could be preserved in arctic permafrost.

Hultin, in collaboration with the US Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, exhumed the body of a large Inuit woman buried in a mass grave of Influenza victims near a remote village outside the town of Brevig Mission, Alaska.

Thanks to the permafrost, enough RNA from the Influenza virus was so well preserved that the researchers could sequence the entire 1918 strain’s genome.

But the discover was both a victory for medical researchers and dark omen of what other diseases might be frozen in time under the ice.

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1 year ago

There is no global warming. We are actually on a cooling trend IAW with MIlankovitch cycles. Also, CO2 cannot warm the air by more than 1.5 degrees Centigrade which has already occurred. Get the “Inconvenient Facts” application for your iPhone or Android cell phone. IT has 60 sourced facts that totally debunk “climate change”. It is just an exotic confidence game designed to impoverish America’s very broad middle class. It is another version of Karl Marx’s wealth redistribution philosophy.

Richard Fawkes
Richard Fawkes
1 year ago

Every alarm concerning climate changeover the has not occurred over the last 70 or so years.