Ignore The Polls, Trump Is TROUNCING Biden PUBLICLY, But You Won’t See This In The MSM

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While the media portray a pervasive anti-Trump sentiment, reality differs. And I can prove it.

Take for example the greeting Trump received at UFC 287 on Saturday night in the Miami-Dade Arena.

The former (deposed) president of the United States sat ringside with Dana White and Mike Tyson. When the cameras panned to Trump, the crowd erupted with cheers.

In case you’re wondering what warriors think about Trump, you got your answer. Fight fans know who to fight for.

That reception of Trump by the fans in Miami scares Democrats. And rightfully so. Remember: Democrats want to stomp the life out of Trump.

Before I elaborate further on Trump’s reception, ask yourself how this crowd would have reacted to Joe Biden? No need to guess. Check out this compilation of boos.

Trump on the other hand not only gets a hero’s welcome from the crowd, but the contestants love him as well.

UFC fighter Kevin Holland also appeared to speak to Trump through the cage between rounds. Holland came over to speak to the 76-year-old after knocking out Santiago Ponzinibbio.

Trump was also visited by UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal earlier this week. Miami native Masvidal, who was on the UFC 287 card, visited Trump at his home in Mar-a-Lago after attending one of the the ex-president’s rallies.

“Greatest president in the history of the world, I love that guy,” Masvidal said, pointing at Trump, after retiring from MMA with a loss to Gilbert Burns.

The so-called indictment didn’t kill Trump’s fanbase.

On Tuesday (3 April), Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony charges related to falsifying business records around hush money payments during his 2016 presidential campaign. Democrats were hoping this would somehow lessen Trump’s popularity. Clearly, leftists have no such luck.

In fact, today, Florida polls put Trump in a solid lead ahead of DeSantis among Republican voters.

According to National Review:

The survey shows Trump winning support from 46.6 percent of likely voters, while DeSantis notched support from 31.8 percent of voters. Another 21.6 percent of likely voters said they are undecided. The results mean Trump has enjoyed a 25.7 point swing in his favor since Victory Insights conducted a similar poll in November, when Trump formally announced his campaign and DeSantis was riding high from a landslide reelection win. At the time, polling showed DeSantis with a 10.9-point lead over Trump in Florida.

“Five months later, things have changed substantially,” Victory Insights senior pollster Ben Galbraith said in a statement. “Several other candidates have announced their candidacies, and Trump has been indicted and arrested in a highly politicized move by the Manhattan DA. DeSantis still hasn’t officially announced his candidacy, but his messaging, book tour, and PAC activity certainly point to a presidential run in the coming months.”

“However, it’s beginning to look more like an uphill battle than previously believed,” the pollster added.

Trump pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records on Tuesday. The indictment, which Trump has decried as “political persecution,” appears to have offered a boost to his presidential campaign, which raked in more than $10 million in the days after the news of the indictment broke.

Ironically, that same poll showed DeSantis to be the more likable guy. But, as we all know, you don’t have to be likable to know how to get things done. Conservatives understand this isn’t summer camp. It’s the government of the United States. Results matter more than anything else on the platter.

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