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Louisville Bank Shooter Exposed As A Trump-Hating

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It has come to light that Connor Sturgeon, the 25-year-old shooter who killed at least four people, including a police officer, and injured eight others on Monday in a bank in Louisville, Kentucky, was a die-hard Democrat who posted anti-Trump and pro-lockdown posts on Reddit. Sturgeon also advocated for the implementation of bank security measures.

“This moron,” he said in one post made two years ago under the username CSturg41 in reference to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, citing a tweet from CNN reporter Oliver Darcy. reports: “‘It is hard to see how we return to a normal media landscape after this,’ @TuckerCarlson says without a hint of irony. ‘I never imagined we’d live in a Country like this,” the Darcy post read.

Another post, also from two years ago, showed a four-panel comic in which a muscular character is asked by another smaller character “Wow! How did you get like that?”

“Every time Trump tweets some racist sh*t,” the strong character responds, with the Trump portion of the comment being added in later in a different font. “I do one push-up,” the character continued.

“Jesus Christ,” the smaller character responds.

Another post from the beginning of the pandemic showed the headline “Health officials advise people to work at home, postpone gatherings to slow spread of coronavirus” overlaid on top of a photo of children at a hibachi-style restaurant.

One child, labeled “introverts,” had an excited look on their face, whole another child, labeled “the general public,” appeared to be crying.

“Finally, an excuse to stay in without being a bad person,” CSturg41 wrote.

In one post titled “So close he can taste it,” Sturgeon posted a screenshot of a tweet from NBC News reporter Sahil Kapur.

“Rick Santorum is on CNN saying Chris Wallace put Trump in a box with the question about condemning white supremacists, saying he knows the president doesn’t like to “say something bad about people who support him,” the tweet read.

Another post stated: “Seeing the entire internet plan a raid on Aera 51 instead of ICE detention centers,” which was accompanied by a character stating, “We were on the verge of greatness. We were this close.”

In regards to one post titled “Trump retreats to Alabama, just so he can finally be cheered at a sporting event. lol, what a frail pathetic thin-skinned loser” Sturgeon wrote “I’ll be doing my part to make sure it is not the warm response he’s looking for.”

According to Sturgeon’s LinkedIn page, he attended the University of Alabama from 2016 to 2020. He attended the school’s Manderson Graduate School of Business from 2018 to 2020.

Monday morning’s shooting took place at Louisville’s Old National Bank on East Maine Street, near the Louisille Slugger Field and Waterfront Park.

His LinkedIn profile stated that he is “a Syndications Associate and Portfolio Banker with Old National Bank in Louisville following completion of the ONB Commercial Banking Development Training Program in April 2022.” In his profile, Sturgeon lists He/Him pronouns.

Sturgeon reportedly texted a friend prior to the shooting saying that “he was feeling suicidal and would shoot up the bank.”

In one group chat message, Sturgeon reportedly sent photos that included one that stated “they won’t listen to words or protests, let’s see if they hear this,” one that said “Monday vibes” and “I could burn this whole place down,” and another that stated “I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it.” A photo of the chat was reportedly posted to Sturgeon’s Instagram, with the same handle, on Monday morning.

Both the Instagram and Reddit accounts have been locked.

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1 year ago

Now ,this doesn’t fit the Democrat’s agenda at all.Another mentally destroyed young man that the Democrats has totally brain washed

1 year ago

They can’t help it or Stop it, thier Fruit is falling from thier tree!!!

1 year ago

Democrats are demons from hell.

1 year ago

This wasn’t an attack targeted at republicans or even a certain group of people. Just at those at his place of work. None of this stuff matters. You people are snowflakes who care about the dumbest shit