Scottish Green Party Backs Transgender Candidate “Sophie Sparkles” In Upcoming Elections

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The Scottish Green Party has backed a trans-identifying male candidate with a disturbing social media history in the upcoming UK parliamentary elections. The candidate, known as Sophie Sparkles or Sophie Molly, is notorious for using women’s changing rooms, campaigning for childhood medical transition, and reporting critics to Police Scotland for alleged “hate crimes.” 

Molly, formerly known as Euan Weddell, is a musician and trans activist set to run for the newly-created constituency of Gordon and Buchan. Molly recently gained attention after declaring that a book dedicated to women’s fight against gender ideology was “deeply transphobic” and put “the safety of all trans people at risk.”

But the scrutiny of Molly’s candidacy has resulted in the resurfacing of one of his social media accounts, where it was found that he engaged in aggressive and disturbing behavior. In addition to sending abuse directly to JK Rowling, Molly posted pornographic photos of himself and fetishistic descriptions of his body.

Rowling herself began highlighting the highly unprofessional nature of Molly’s online presence after becoming a target for the candidate over the weekend.

But this is not the first time Molly, posting to social media as “Sophie Sparkles,” has gained notoriety on social media.

Earlier this year, Molly began reporting X users to the police for “hate speech,” celebrating the much criticized Scottish Hate Crime and Public Order Act, which broadened the definition of “hate speech.” Molly anticipated the Act was a welcome opportunity to criminalize his opponents. 

Molly would regularly share announcements of various police reports he claimed to have lodged, including those made against TV writer Graham Linehan. He would also write cheery songs on his reports, publishing the videos of him reciting the lyrics to his YouTube Channel. One of the songs is titled “Browsing for Hate Crimes.”

He also authored a petition to “make deliberately misgendering someone a hate crime,” which he shared to X encouraging others to sign in order to “wipe the smirk [off] JK Rowling’s face.”

Molly is polyamorous, and is in a “polycule” with multiple other men. One of his partners is fellow Green Party member Heather Herbert, who recently attracted criticism after taking photos of himself dilating in public after his recent “gender reassignment surgery” operation. The term ‘dilating’ refers to the insertion of a rod into a surgically-constructed “neo-vagina” in order to prevent the wound from closing.

Herbert snapped a photo of himself lying on the floor of the disability-accessible toilet stall at Gatwick Airport, which he posted publicly to X. Disgusted and dismayed at the sight, users described it as a public display of a “fetish” and inconsiderate of persons with disabilities who require the use of the facilities.

Similarly, Molly has publicly posted fetish photos of himself wearing nipple clamps to his Facebook page. Acclaimed Irish comedy writer Graham Linehan, who has expressed opposition to the Greens’ support for Molly, shared multiple such images of the trans activist beginning in March.

In response, Molly claimed to have filed a police report against Linehan for “sharing revenge porn designed to humiliate” him, despite having publicly shared the photos on his social media pages of his own accord.

“I’m really concerned that [police] won’t want to proceed with the case because it’s a celebrity and they won’t take me seriously because I’m not famous and a trans woman,” Molly said in a post on March 10. “I need hugs.”

Molly frequently wears clothing typically associated with young girls, including a bow in his hair, and can be seen clutching a plush teddy bear in media uploaded to his Instagram account. Linehan has taken note of the disturbing nature of Molly’s overall childish appearance and demeanor, resulting in Molly’s repeated complaints of being a victim of “transphobia.”

Linehan told Reduxx that while he was not contacted by police following Molly’s alleged report, he believed that the trans activist was “disturbed” and should not be permitted to use women’s facilities.

“Euan is a great example of the kind of disturbed man who should be kept far away from women, not suddenly given license to invade their private spaces. Abusive, obsessed by porn, vindictive and not very bright, he fits right in to the Scottish Greens,” Linehan said.

Linehan suggests that Molly has been campaigning solely to self-promote and antagonize those he disagrees with. He has reportedly been demanding sums of money from journalists who wish to interview him and insisting that various public figures call him a woman. Among those figures are SNP MP Joanna Cherry, whom he has accused of being in a “hate cult” and has threatened to report her to the SNP if she continues to ignore his tweets demanding she call him a “woman.”

The trans activist has also appeared to support the transfer of dangerous male convicts into women’s prisons on the basis of a self-declared gender identity. While posting an article about women’s rights campaigners in Edinburgh protesting the transfer of men into women’s prisons, Molly wrote, “Women Won’t Wheesht not transphobic, says Rowling.”

Some of the demonstrators held signs reading “rapists have more rights than women,” in a reference to the notorious case of trans-identified male Isla Bryson, previously Adam Graham, who was sent to a women’s prison last year after being found guilty of raping two women.

Molly’s other campaign aims are to remove any rules that would protect single sex wards in NHS Hospitals, declaring: “I want the proposed ban on trans women from female wards to be immediately scrapped.” When fellow users replied to his assertions and asked him to agree that in health care “sex matters,” he replied: “No it doesn’t. End of.”

Shockingly, this is not the first time a Green Party in the UK has promoted transgender candidates known for their disturbing content.

Another notable Green Party candidate, a man who calls himself Melissa Poulton, has described himself as a “proud lesbian” who shared erotic “sissification” content online. When Poulton was criticized, he accused his political opponents of “transphobia.”

As previously reported by Reduxx, Conservative Party MP Rachel Maclean was slammed by her political opponents after she shared a post from Reduxx co-founder Genevieve Gluck which referred to Poulton as a “man who wears a wig.” Maclean commented on the post, writing: “While the Greens don’t know what a woman is, my Worcestershire neighbours, the people of Bromsgrove certainly do.” 

Another prolific trans activist Green Party candidate, Aimee Challenor, also a trans-identifying male, was allowed to run for deputy leader while employing his father David Challenor as his election agent, despite the latter being on trial for child rape. The Green Party was accused in 2019 of not correctly vetting Aimee Challenor for the political appointment, and his father David Challenor was subsequently jailed for 22 years for his crimes.

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Daniel Gilfry
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Why do they call it “Scottish National Party”
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