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New Jersey Now HELPING Convicted Drug Users Become Drug Dealers In The Name Of ‘Social Equity’

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The state of New Jersey is helping convicted drug users become drug dealers under a bold new liberal “social equity” program.

From CNBC, “They were convicted on marijuana charges. Now they’re first in line to sell it legally”:

TRENTON, N.J. — Tahir Johnson has been arrested on marijuana possession charges three times. Now, for the first time in his life, his conviction on one of those charges won’t hurt his employment prospects. It will help.

Johnson, 39, will be one of the first people with a marijuana-related conviction to own and operate a legal dispensary in New Jersey when he opens Simply Pure Trenton in March in his hometown of Ewing, which borders the state’s capital city. He was among about a dozen in the state to win a conditional license in 2022 because of his status as a “social equity applicant.”

“I checked all the boxes,” Johnson said of his qualifications for the application. “And I was especially confident because of my previous arrests.”

New Jersey is prioritizing granting licenses to dispensaries run by minorities, women and disabled veterans; dispensaries located in “impact zones,” or communities disproportionately affected by policing and marijuana arrests; and dispensaries run by people with prior marijuana convictions. It’s part of a concerted effort to redress decades of racially biased anti-drug policies.

If there’s one thing that will help minority drug abusers, it’s empowering them to become drug dealers!

Just think of how much they can help their community by dealing drugs to people who look just like them! When it comes to drug dealing, representation matters! Young black kids need to see more drug users and drug dealers who look like them!

This is what the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) agenda is all about!

This is true progress™ for the New America™! Thanks, libs!

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1 year ago

This is ILLEGAL. Where is our unJustice Department? To favor a person because of their skin color is ILLEGAL.

1 year ago
Reply to  Flem